Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Shouting Woke Me Up

I'm so pathetic.
I can't put into words how much I'm sorry for not posting, really, I cannot.
That's why I'm just gonna go ahead with the post instead of writing a million sorrys, because a word can't fix this problem.


You used to work hard,
You used to be creative,
You used to draw and make art.

You used to write stories,
You used to learn new words,
You used to stretch constantly.

You used to not be self-conscious,
You used to not look in the mirror whenever you could,
You used to have more confidence, I think.

You used to learn new things all the time,
You looked at inspirations and copied,
But now you look at inspirations and dream.

You still know what you want to do when you are older,
It's just that you are growing and can't re-bothered to stretch.
At least you dance everyday.

You used to be more happy. Mood swings come and go, come and go.

But since Instagram, it's got you more into the phone.
The phone does you no good.


My mum shouted at me the other day because of what she thought I had become. It really woke me up, and after that I ended up writing a story.

I'm gonna try and change.

See ya

Thursday, 11 August 2016

My Braces Experience So Far


Today I will be sharing my braces experience on the Internet, as I got them months ago and I'm pretty much experienced now. 

So lets, g-g-go.

The Day

Emotion Emoji : đŸ˜›
Thoughts : Oo, having braces is cool!

When I very first got my braces they didn't hurt at all. I got a lovely pink colour, and I was happy.

Around 6pm..

Emotion Emoji : đŸ˜“
For some strange reason, they started to hurt in the evening. I couldn't really eat, and I don't think I slept that well either. 

Thoughts : ...Ugh.

Next Day and The Day After That

Emotion Emoji : đŸ˜­
Thoughts : I CAN'T DO THIS! Cowpoll sucks to be honest. 

For two days my braces hurt like CRAZY. I could barely eat at lunch. On the way to the bus stop after school I was breaking down into tears, the feeling of metal pushing your teeth isn't something anyone would want to experience. I looked so disturbed that a lady asked me if I was OK, I said 'Yes' but forgot to say thank you because I was rushing to a toilet to put wax on where it hurt. Apparently that 'takes away the pain.'  I was breaking down in public. IT WAS HORRIBLE. 

Day After Serious Pain

Emotion Emoji : đŸ˜Œ
Thoughts : I'm OK now. 

It was a relief. But obviously it still took a while to get used to and all.  

Did They Tighten Them?
A couple of days ago I went to get my braces tightened. However, I'm actually not sure if they tightened them at all, because there's been NO PAIN. Most people have pain for about 3 days when the orthodontist tightens them, so it's weird. 

Hope you enjoyed my post...Bye. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Would I Be A Better YouTuber?


I've been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't been posting. When I do post the post would be horrible, and I just don't have any ideas anymore....

I feel like I'd be a better YouTuber because it seems more exciting. With blogging, you sit down and type and try to get people to like your posts...And in a way that is the same as being a YouTuber, but somehow it's not. I'd rather talk than type. Also, I feel like the 'youtube community/suscribers' I would work to get would be more relatable. A lot of people seem to have the same kind of style..I don't really know how to explain it, but all I know is I don't fit in with it. I'm not saying I'm quitting blogging, because I still like blogging. But love? Not really anymore.. 

I also think being a YouTuber is easier. No..I'm aware that you've got to learn how to edit, but with blogging, you have to learn how to not sound like you are speaking and not sound weird. I feel like that's slightly hard for me to do.

Maybe soon I'll write a story? Maybe i'll make up so new exciting contests. Maybe I'll do some photography? Yeah..I think YouTube suites me a lot better. 

Anyway, tell me what you guys think down below in the comments. 
And please answer this question: 

What Is The Difference Between Being A YouTuber and Being a Blogger?

That's it for today guys. See ya :-)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Blogger Choice Awards 2016 ~ Awards Ceremony


Hi everyone! Today is the day we celebrate our little blogging careers, right?

Before we start, I just wanted to say that even if you don't get an award this year it doesn't mean you won't next year. So please, don't be sad! At the end of the day, YOU blog because it makes YOU happy, work on blogging to make yourself happy before blogging to make others happy :)



So lets begin :)

The blogger who won the Best Choice Writer Award is...

Kathryn from In the Depths of Dreams!

If you guys can, I'd really appreciate it if all the winners would stick these on their sidebars! You're more than welcome to make them smaller, as they might not fit on your sidebars! 

The blogger who won the Best Choice Book Reviewer Award is...

Lexie from 
What Lexie Loves!

The blogger who won the Best Choice Newbie Blogger Award is..

Dani from 
The Dani Jones Blog!

The blogger who won The Best Choice Thoughtful Blogger Award was...

Morning from

The blogger who won The Best Choice Designer Award was...


The blogger who won the Best Choice Entertaining Award was...

A Little Bit Of Sunshine!

Me, Nabila and GirlRadio are stuck in a tie for the Original Content Award. This means that I will put up polls for you guys to vote for one of us. Sorry..The voting isn't quite over yet. This poll will be up for a week, so be quick!

Thanks for participating everyone!


Thursday, 7 July 2016


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say that there are 3 MORE DAYS LEFT to vote for the Blogger Choice Awards! So please send in your nominations as soon as possible. I'm sure everyone is excited to see who won and what the prizes are...So all I can say is..Wait and see! Thank you for participating, come back for the awards ;) 

If you don't understand


Sunday, 3 July 2016

i went to a Beyoncé concert!

Hey everyone!


Oh Saturday I miss you...

So for the third time I saw BeyoncĂ© perform! Awesome right?

A cropped and filtered selfie I took ^ ^

On Saturday I went with my best friend and her mum (literally she's my sister) to see BeyoncĂ© at the Wembley Stadium. She is currently touring (The World Formation Tour) and I'm so glad that she came to London. 

We got there by a train. We got to the stadium. We got IN the stadium. We used our money to be some CHIPS! Americans, it's fries..Crisps? I think that's what you guys call it. Then we got slushies and made our way to our seats.


After about......2 hours..A DJ starts to DJ. Everybody starts to dance and shout and wooohooo. He was DJ-ing for about half an hour yet when he's finished we're waiting for another hour. Not in a rude way but..TAKE YOUR TIME BeyoncĂ©. 

Then all of a sudden, Tinie Tempah arrives and starts rapping. Then before you know it, Zara Larson pops out to perform their new single 'Girls Like'. 

After Tinie Tempah and Zara Larson performed we waited about 45 minutes for BeyoncĂ©. The first song she sang was 'Formation', and it goes on from there. She sang upbeat songs to casual songs to slow and beautiful songs. But wait..It's not just the singing that makes her performance amazing, it's the dancing! Her moves are so energetic and her backup dancers..It really wouldn't be the same without them. I feel like BeyoncĂ© is the only famous singer that has energetic performance these days, and that's quite disappointing if I do say so myself.