Sunday, 11 March 2018

Award Winning Short Film - Review/Reaction

What u sayinnnn

How is everyone doing? 

So i was scrolling through my Insta feed and came across a clip of this short movie made in London. Since I've lived in London my whole life and I'd seen two of the actors in there who were quite funny from the last movie I'd seen with them in, I went ahead and searched it up. 
if that makes sense

get yo lil snacks

Deep It is a short movie based on 16-17 year old boys in London who drop out of college and basically chill with the 'mandem on road'. At first I didn't think much of it and thought it was a typical movie about black males who aren't ambitious, but as the story goes along it's breathtaking. It shows the insecurities of young boys to make money and most importantly be known as someone to not mess with. I think what makes this movie so 'deep' is the fact that it shows the reality of how London has been for a while now. Last year, 80 people were stabbed to death in my city, 4 on New Years Eve. Majority of these stabbings are actually committed by teenagers. This movie went in depth to show the audience what actually causes people to do these things, from their point of view instead of the public. I think what I learnt from this movie is what causes people to be so bored on the streets and end up doing what they do, although I will never know what it's like to barely have guidance, it definitely gave me an insight. At the end of the movie it symbolised reflection, and if you and your friends are lost in life together then it's best to stick together and do the right things together. If you pick up a knife for the wrong reasons or any weapon, you're wholeheartedly abandoning yourself and your sanity. 

After you've watched it, tell me what you guys think in the comments below x

thanks for stopping by x

Sunday, 4 March 2018


can barely see my hair, but it was in two braids

Hii, back on a Sunday for another post x

As you may or may not know, I'm extremely slim for my age. I struggle to put on weight and it frustrates me. The last time I weighed myself I put on an extra 5 kg. I was 45kg and I'm 99.9 percent sure I'm still that weight. 

Over the years I've gained the tiniest bit of fat in my thighs and 'booty' area, but what I've always been insecure about is my extremely skinny arms. People always think it's hard to loose weight, I'm not disregarding it, but there's also a gaining weight struggle that exists and you shouldn't tease someone for being skinny just like you shouldn't tease someone for being overweight

So I decided to quit looking at smoothies to make and Apetamin (a syrup people take over a period of time that makes you gain weight almost instantly). Instead I made use of yoga mat and weights I had in my house 

However when I turn 18 I'm planning on taking Apetamin. Doing research from this age I'm aware that it makes you extremely sleepy over-hungry. 

ALL CREDITS TO - Luhhsetty

1) Fire hydrants (3 sets of 10 on each leg)

- warms up your hips and booty area 




(3 sets of each)

10 seconds of ab swings

10 seconds of scissors

10 seconds of leg flutters 


4) 15 Squats (3 sets)

- With squats apparently it's good to squeeze your booty when you've pushed your legs back up. This helps gain weight in that area 

5) 15 Squat Jumps (3 sets)

6) 15 Lunges

RDLs (3 sets of 12)
 compliments the effects of other training exercises and strengthens hamstrings

I also add my own exercises in there too

I hope this post was as clear as possible, all the names to the exercises are in bold. 
It was quite boring, but I hope it can help someone because if I do it in my free time so can you x 


Sunday, 25 February 2018



I think my blogging return will last a while

positive: To be honest I've established that Sunday is the perfect day to blog for me. This is the day where I do homework in the mornings and it's got much more of a chilled vibe than Saturday.

14 to 15 years 
Year 10
- 4th year of Secondary School

is the same as

9th Grade (Freshman) 
 - High School

appreciateee yasss

lets get to itt

1) There's just no point not listening in subjects you don't like anymore

Seriously. I don't want to re-take science GCSE. Change your attitude and ask questions before you don't pass your test. That's what I've been doing. 

Unfortunately, there are consequences when you don't make an effort in school. To you, this could be a bad grade, a slap, a phone call home, moving down a set. I didn't necessarily realise/ 'clock' this until I myself got moved down in Maths ( a subject that I lowkey like and am good at). I was moved down a set due to my grades during the last couple of months, a lot of people blamed their grades on the new teacher. As there was a test where almost everyone in the class got a 'U' (the lowest of the lowest). The last test I done in the middle set I revised, didn't get any sleep and ended up not proving myself in the test and scoring low! I was so annoyed. 

"Oh um...You're moving down"

Okay. So I ended up ditching my first class in the lower set of maths. What I did? 
 I cried and corrected my test.
But my point is you really don't have to get yourself in this situation if you're not an idiot like me.
 What really bothered me about this was that at the beginning of the year I was actually in the TOP SET. So I didn't understand my progress and whether I was getting worse at maths or it was the teacher. 

2) If you don't have revision books, GET THEM NOW

If somehow you can't get them, ask a friend if you could borrow some. Download practise papers at your school library. Please get to the business because the time is tickinnn 

I've been blessed with a mother who ensures I have everything I need to revise for school

But at the end of the day, you need to know your stuff. You need to know where to revise, how to revise and what sources you need to do so. Revision books are SO essential in my life right now as they help me SO MUCH to not only understand things but include mini tests on the subjects you're revising. These can help you in the test. 

3) Don't avoid staying behind to ask questions

Sometimes staying behind for that extra minute can help. But I'm not going to act like asking questions privately, the few times I have has really given me a slight bit more knowledge of what the test is like.
let me be honest...

my science teacher didn't help. 

I asked my science teacher what units I mainly needed to study for the biology test, the advice wasn't sufficient. The test was B1- B6. Literally the whole of the test was B6 (diseases etc), that would've been helpful to know and others thought that too

4) If you didn't come across genuine a few years ago, being genuine is naturally going to happen to you now 

Everyone is going through the same thing at this point, put on the nice face I know you have and interact
Don't have that same attitude you had a few years ago, make sure people know you're a genuine person. Not a bully. 

5) .. 
Can you think of a number five?
what things have you learnt in school when it's time to get more serious?

Thanks for reading this post, see you later 

Sunday, 18 February 2018




positive - I actually really missed blogging and I think I might start getting back into it soon. Today I'm in quite a driven, work mode. This Tuesday I got to see Black Panther, one day after it premiered in my city! (London) :-)) Don't get me wrong, you don't have to love this post, just know this is my little working mode :-) I've been writing this review on one of my notepads, so I thought why not make this PT1? 

negative - please don't look at my other posts, I'm back and not only better..But I actually don't type rubbish anymore thank you 



Black Panther falls in the genres of action, comedy and love. Based on an amazing city filled with highly advanced technology, 'Wakanda' has a substance that 'the world' is out for ; Vibranium. In most of the movie the character's refer to people who are not from the tribe as 'the world' as for many years they have attempted to keep Vibranium for themselves and succeeded. In my personal view, this was rather a protective decision than selfish. 
Onto the characters, every single one of them inspired me or somewhat touched me due to the fact that the movie showed a rich, indigenous African tribal culture that has never been betrayed so beautifully. ; especially in Marvel movies. If to be explained as if a pyramid, The King (Black Panther) would be at the top because of his unexplainable powers and abilities. Once a young man is chosen to be King, he is fed a magical flower which gives him the capabilities of the Black Panther. 
He is then buried in sand from the earth by younger children with spades. The combination of the crushed flower converted into liquid and the non-permanent burial in orders the King's subconscious to be lost deep, and speak to his father. It tends to re-play a past scene in their life, either something significant or a memorable childhood conversation/event. Second on the pyramid would be the warriors, whom in this movie were both men and women with strong fighting techniques and had a complexity to suffer from injury. 
The representation of powerful black women with either nicely styled afros, braids or bald heads was one of the best symbolisations from my perspective as a young black girl.

So..What made the characters different from each other then? 

Nakia (left)    Black Panther    Okoye (right)

 they are nothing alike

The contrast  between the characters Okoye and Nakia along with Black Panther and Erik stood out most in the film for me personally. Okoye represented a passionate black woman, careless of the stereotypes of femininity and was her OWN type of woman. Whereas Nakia was more soft, her character was important because often black woman's 'soft' femininity is not showed in the media as much, and in society is judged upon constantly. 

Black Panther, was also more of a humble, wise man, not as scared to accept challenges as he seemed, ready-for-his-title-as-king man. However, despite the fact that Black Panther had never done spiteful, regretful harm to any of the characters, 'Erik Killmonger' was more of a representation of the 'angry black man'.

That's what I've written so far

See youu next time xx

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pinterest, GCSE, Updates and Current Fav Songs

Hey guys!!!!!

It's Rukiya here 

A little bit of an update

I haven't posted since the 8th of May...Just over 2 months. For some reason I think of blogging all the time, but never actually get to it. But what I can say for sure is that the Instagram app has distracted me. 

But, see I haven't just been on Instagram, over these 2 months I've gotten more and more into drawing, eyebrows...eyes..face. I just LOVE drawing people or making up my own. I'll be sure to make a post about this all, but for now my goal is to continue to make a lot more pieces of artwork and find the right time to do so. Might as well share when I have something 'poppin' to share...You know?

Science. Science.

oh..It's science...
I need to work on science 

*gets back into depressing mode..Slouches back..Oops..I heard a crack. Rolls eyes and continues the post*  ( I made this all up babes ) 

Some things I understand and I find interesting ; DNA and The Menstrual Cycle. Ionic bonding clicks to me too.

I need to learn to concentrate and try my hardest even if not feeling that comfortable in a classroom. I'm trying to work on revision for science.

My GCSE options are in! For anyone who doesn't live in the UK, GCSE'S are basically the huge deal in secondary school (11 year olds to 16 year olds). They are BIG tests which basically have a HUGE impact on our future; CV, job etc. I'm currently in Year 9 (13 to 14 year olds), next year I will be doing my mock exams (not that actual exams, but important important preparation for the BIG TESTS I told you about). 

I will be taking 
Art - 
All I have to do is make an effort and actually do exactly what I was told to make. That's difficult for me... basically I'm an idiot

I'm looking forward to taking Geography, as long as I focus, everything will be fine

Media - 
Social media, the film industry, the magazine industry..Kinda things like that. Definitely looking forward to it!

I LOVE DANCING. I have to start showing off and being more brave in what I do, how they gonna know you have talent if you don't show it? Next year (Year 10) I'm planning to be a lot more confident and if you keep saying it will happen then it would :-) 

Sociology - 
Crime, Injustice..A lot of things that interest me. I'm more than excited for this!

Wish me luck on my GCSE'S, 

When are you starting yours? 
Do you enjoy Science? 

Update pt2 - 2 Youtubers I'm Lovin' 

Patricia Bright

 It's honestly so sweet to see such a SUCCESSFUL youtuber from the UK. Patricia is entertaining, crazy, lit, entertaining, lit. Did I already say that? Definitely someone you need to watch on YouTube boos

Love Halssa

Also found out about Halssa's youtube channel recently, what can I say....I love the vibes, personality and content

Subscribe to Miss Clariyah
she's such a beautiful person man

Current Favourite Songs❣️ 


Wild wild wild thoughts 🎶 

Regret in your tears now you taste em', coz you know I don't chase I replace em' 🎶   

I am so fly like Aladdin 🎶 

You say that you don't love me....You say that you don't trust me well..I find that funny...🎶 

Kehlani's voice is everything 🎶❤️

..And Chris Brown's voice is bae 🎶



How. Can. Palm. Trees. Be. So. Amazing. 

My Pinterest reflects me, if you have no interest whatsoever in my Pinterest. Then it's cool. We just don't have as much in common

Honestly, Pinterest has so much cool things to save. I've been writing a post about 
"how-you-can-never-get-over-it", which I hope to publish soon. I feel as if I wouldn't of found proper inspiration if I hadn't made a Pinterest account, I mean you can't find all these cool stuff on google images. So I guess what I'm trying to say is a big tHaNk YoU to the people who recommended it ❤️

Do you have a Pinterest account?
What are your favourite songs lately? 
What Youtubers would you recommend? 

How's life?
tell me in the comments


Monday, 8 May 2017

#7DaysOfWILL - 5 Weird Things About Me

Hi, back for another post. 

I've decided I'm going to try the #7DaysOfWILL project that Lexie who blogs at
What Lexie Loves came up with us bloggers to do. I'm definitely determined to try it out, so take a look at it if you haven't already!

7DaysOfWILL is a project in which you post 7 times in a row, the project starts on the 8th of May..Which is today. 

#1 i'm a meme

I've been told by several people I'm a meme. My facial expressions make people laugh, idk. 

#2 i love to imitate bitches in movies

Idk. It's just their personalities that crack me up. I mean have you watched this scene in the Bratz movie? This girl is damn insane...Talking about how fabulous she is and how superior she is. "It's me...On an elephant. Ugh! It's me time now.."


I see lemon. Mi eat it. Is sour, but who flippin cares?? 

#4 i love acting crazy

Every once in a while you've got to shake it off and do your weird chicken/twerking thing right? You know..Break your back a few times? I'm just immature.   

No offence to Raven because that's not what she's doing. WORK IT GURL

#5 i'm scared of flies..In fact every insect tbh

When I see a fly you're gonna get pissed at me, because I have a panic attack and can't help myself but look for it. After it's reportedly 'gone' I still rub my skin and look around. 

So that's it, the end of the post. 

See ya

Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'm Reading A Book.

Hey guyssssss

Ugh, I love blogging..It's just stressful that my ideas have flown out the window.

Today I'll be giving a mini review of the book I'm currently reading. What a surprise. I'm actually reading a book and I don't think I've properly read and finished a book in about a year or probably longer.

What drives me to read a book 

It's mainly what it's about. If it really interests me, it interests me. I added in the 'really' because unless a book 'really' interests me, I might not read it as fast.

My mum actually bought 2 books for both of us. I guess Regina George is gonna put me in her burn book now?

Rukiya $____ like reads a book and her mom reads them too. And she's like a total slut as well. 

 Apparently the book is quite popular right now. So far I'm on chapter 7 and I'm l-o-v-i-n-g it. 

What it's about...Or everything up to chapter 7. 

A 16 year old black teenager named Starr lives in the ghetto. She travels to a school in the suburbs, and won't let anyone think she has anything to do with the hood. At home it's Starr or 'Munch', but at school it's Starr Williamson. Williamson being the school name. Starr has witnessed a gruesome thing in the past when her neighbourhood friend got shot at quite a young age, the reason? Nothing. Skipping on from the past, she finds herself at a party in her area (Garden Heights) with her neighbourhood-sorta-friend Kenya who bashes her for going to a 'white school'. Meanwhile at the party, Kenya is urging to to fight a girl, getting annoyed at the fact she's looking at her but will still look at her because she wants to fight her. Kenya ends up leaving Starr, and Starr ends up reuniting with an 'old best friend neighbourhood friend'. If that makes any sense. They talk, but before you know it there's a shooting and everyone is running. Trying to find some sort of transport, assisting their danger.

Starr and her old friend manage to escape into his car. Lets just say. Police harrassment. Police brutality. Racism.

And before you know what Khalil sinks to the floor, his body being nothing more than a corpse. Blood flowing everywhere, like nothing more than another dead young black man.  
That's all I will give away for now *gets back to reading*

 It's like oh, this is my um... my Job? I have to serve and protect the people so I have to do my damn job. So..Oh no..I'm scared. He's like moved when I told him not to move. So..This is my job so um..I'll pull the trigger? Ok I'm pulling the trigger..I'm pulling the trigger. Oh I'll pull it again coz it's my job. And again. And one more time coz I'm scared and I need my teddy. Oh no he's dead..Oh. He's black anyway...I won't get in trouble. 

Hope you enjoyed my post, bye!