Monday, 8 May 2017

#7DaysOfWILL - 5 Weird Things About Me

Hi, back for another post. 

I've decided I'm going to try the #7DaysOfWILL project that Lexie who blogs at
What Lexie Loves came up with us bloggers to do. I'm definitely determined to try it out, so take a look at it if you haven't already!

7DaysOfWILL is a project in which you post 7 times in a row, the project starts on the 8th of May..Which is today. 

#1 i'm a meme

I've been told by several people I'm a meme. My facial expressions make people laugh, idk. 

#2 i love to imitate bitches in movies

Idk. It's just their personalities that crack me up. I mean have you watched this scene in the Bratz movie? This girl is damn insane...Talking about how fabulous she is and how superior she is. "It's me...On an elephant. Ugh! It's me time now.."


I see lemon. Mi eat it. Is sour, but who flippin cares?? 

#4 i love acting crazy

Every once in a while you've got to shake it off and do your weird chicken/twerking thing right? You know..Break your back a few times? I'm just immature.   

No offence to Raven because that's not what she's doing. WORK IT GURL

#5 i'm scared of flies..In fact every insect tbh

When I see a fly you're gonna get pissed at me, because I have a panic attack and can't help myself but look for it. After it's reportedly 'gone' I still rub my skin and look around. 

So that's it, the end of the post. 

See ya

Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'm Reading A Book.

Hey guyssssss

Ugh, I love blogging..It's just stressful that my ideas have flown out the window.

Today I'll be giving a mini review of the book I'm currently reading. What a surprise. I'm actually reading a book and I don't think I've properly read and finished a book in about a year or probably longer.

What drives me to read a book 

It's mainly what it's about. If it really interests me, it interests me. I added in the 'really' because unless a book 'really' interests me, I might not read it as fast.

My mum actually bought 2 books for both of us. I guess Regina George is gonna put me in her burn book now?

Rukiya $____ like reads a book and her mom reads them too. And she's like a total slut as well. 

 Apparently the book is quite popular right now. So far I'm on chapter 7 and I'm l-o-v-i-n-g it. 

What it's about...Or everything up to chapter 7. 

A 16 year old black teenager named Starr lives in the ghetto. She travels to a school in the suburbs, and won't let anyone think she has anything to do with the hood. At home it's Starr or 'Munch', but at school it's Starr Williamson. Williamson being the school name. Starr has witnessed a gruesome thing in the past when her neighbourhood friend got shot at quite a young age, the reason? Nothing. Skipping on from the past, she finds herself at a party in her area (Garden Heights) with her neighbourhood-sorta-friend Kenya who bashes her for going to a 'white school'. Meanwhile at the party, Kenya is urging to to fight a girl, getting annoyed at the fact she's looking at her but will still look at her because she wants to fight her. Kenya ends up leaving Starr, and Starr ends up reuniting with an 'old best friend neighbourhood friend'. If that makes any sense. They talk, but before you know it there's a shooting and everyone is running. Trying to find some sort of transport, assisting their danger.

Starr and her old friend manage to escape into his car. Lets just say. Police harrassment. Police brutality. Racism.

And before you know what Khalil sinks to the floor, his body being nothing more than a corpse. Blood flowing everywhere, like nothing more than another dead young black man.  
That's all I will give away for now *gets back to reading*

 It's like oh, this is my um... my Job? I have to serve and protect the people so I have to do my damn job. So..Oh no..I'm scared. He's like moved when I told him not to move. So..This is my job so um..I'll pull the trigger? Ok I'm pulling the trigger..I'm pulling the trigger. Oh I'll pull it again coz it's my job. And again. And one more time coz I'm scared and I need my teddy. Oh no he's dead..Oh. He's black anyway...I won't get in trouble. 

Hope you enjoyed my post, bye! 

Monday, 17 April 2017


       🤔🤔🤔  🤔🤔🤔  🤔🤔🤔  🤔🤔🤔  🤔🤔🤔  

Don't you ever feel like you can tell how someone's like just by looking in their eyes? Even sometimes what they've been through...It's like you can look in someones eyes and see everything.

I don't know wether I'm speaking a bunch of nonsense or if what I'm saying might make sense to certain people. So many people are afraid of being judged, they're afraid that if they say something or do something people will look at them a certain way as if they're odd. People are afraid of that judgemental look or that ignorant giggle or whisper..And being someone who analyses people's personalities I've come to a conclusion that people are the way they are always for a reason.

Some people have a 'RBF syndrome', this means that their natural face (with no expression) looks angry or annoyed. So imagine if you'd had this your whole life, what are you going to act like? Are you going to be happy and outgoing and get judged..Or are you going to be the personality your face suits you to be?

irdk bye. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Cramm Award


I was nominated by Rithvika to do the Cramm award
This Award was started by Olivia from from Your Rose Awaits
A big thank you to Rithvika for nominating me!

 Mention the person who nominated you + link their blog/site
 Include a bit about the person who created this award + link to their site
 Share 3 people who inspire you to blog
Answer your challenge question
 Nominate bloggers and give them a cool challenge question


1) Myself - If I'm honest, there's only one person who inspires me to blog and that's me. I find it amazing to have your own little space on the internet to do whatever you want and show your creativity. Without being inspired by myself, how could I do anything? 

Challenge Question by Rithvika 
What is the most admirable/beautiful thing about the Human Race as a whole?
I think the most admirable/beautiful thing about the human race as a whole is it's diversity. The different races and cultures is what makes this world..This world. The skin tones to the hair textures to the features to the personalities..The list goes on. That's what makes the human race special. 

 I Nominate  

My Challenge Question

What is one thing you love about our generation and why? 

That's it guys! I'm outtt 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin♥ ~ Review

Hellooo guys,

I'm back for another post. 

So over the half term a few weeks ago (I live in the UK, a half-term is a 1 week break) I went to see an amazing theatre play called 'The Bubbly black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin'. 


The play started off as a young bubbly black girl who was extremely optimistic. She was brought up in the 60s, un-aware of the racism at that time. The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in 1963 worried her as a child. She dreamed to be a dancer, and it basically shows her growing up and the struggles she faced. As she grows up she starts to realise that she's been living in a 'bubble', floating over trouble. For instance, ignoring how her black boyfriend was treated by the police. It was funny to watch her grow up and watch her handle different situations. 


The fashion to the sets to the acting to the music..It was all amazing. This play was entertaining, exciting and most importantly one of the best plays you'll ever see!

I think the message of this play was to be yourself, but don't run-away from what you are

- The things that made this musical special was - 
- The set and how it was arranged
- The fun songs (not too catchy but in a good way)
- The humour 
- How a change was always happening
- The fashion 

And yeah..Maybe there's more to the list but overall I really, really loved this play and if I could see it again I would. 

Here are some videos to wrap up the post

Have a nice day. Evening. Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast. Wherever you are in the world, bye!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Back Into Art!

Hey guys, 

I've changed my blog name to ~ Rndom Babes..I quite like it actually. 
Today will be a quick but interesting post. 

I finalllyyy got back into art, and if you knew about my blog from a while ago you'd know that I use to draw 24/7 and even had my own 'drawing page' where I showed my designs. I drew mostly random things - dogs, babies, purses, shoes, book characters..etc

But I've been going through a lot lately..And I guess I just got older. So I stopped drawing for quite a while but my talent remained. 

One day, out of the blue I decided to draw an eyebrow.

I drew more eyebrows.

And more fleeky eyebrows.

And more fleeky eyebrows.

To the point where I was getting distracted. 

I've now got back into drawing portraits as I do best, and today I wanted to share with you a portrait I done today of the one and only ~ Tyra Banks ~
I mean she deserves her name in bold writing..She's like the queen. 


I always seem to need something to copy, I find it impossible to draw something myself. So I'm definitely gonna work on that error. I'm technically a 'copy cat' I guess. For example, if someone asked me to draw a flower on the spot, I'd draw the most simplest looking flower you could ever think of. I just need something to look at. 

BUT *COUGH COUGH* the drawing is not perfect. So I will be making some final touches and rubbing and re-doing some parts that look ridiculous. 

As you can see ehehe..The eyebrows and eyelashes are so fleeky due to all my practising :-P

Tell me what you think of my drawing in the comments, I'd love some critiques. 

That was my post today. So crap. I know. 


I really don't know how to end posts, neither introduce them or even write them anymore. So I'm just gonna say..Bye. 

have a nice day? Evening? Lunch??? Wedding? 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Oh Mrs. Potato Head Tell Me.. ~ Melanie Martinez ~ What Every Insecure Girl Needs To Read

Hey guys!
As you can see I've changed my blog name, but I probably won't be changing the link until soon. I've also switched up my design a little, but that's no biggy. 

Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?
Oh Mr. Potato Head tell me

How are you all?

So I recently discovered Melanie Martinez's beautiful music 

I was watching the new 'Mrs.Potato' video, it was amazing but I've gotta admit it freaked me out a little when she got plastic surgery, but then auto-play magically..

Sorry. I'm getting distracted listening to this.

Magically led me to an amazing fan video. Not just an ordinary one, one that had proper acting, proper filming and a proper message. 

How did you afford her surgery?
Do you swear you'll stay forever
Even if her face don't stay together
Even if her face don't stay together

After I watched this video I commented on my other gmail account and commented this. The owner replied!

I can actually relate to this video except for the fact that I actually want to gain weight instead of loosing. I honestly have no idea why you have to be so thin in the modelling industry because it is not realistic at all. The people who let others down for saying they're not thin enough, well, they obviously have problems of their own but still need a slap in the face. Society teases skinny people too. If I'm honest, I don't understand why people like this, would be willing to get even thinner for complete...Idiots. I know there are models who aren't skinny, but that's not my point. My point is as that there are still people like this who think the more unhealthy your body is the better you are.

The fan video was more to do with modelling than what Melanie Martinez spoke about (plastic surgery). Not that that's a bad thing. 
Okay..Well plastic surgery is a hell of a topic..
Your face is your face and if you're TRULY, FROM YOUR HEART not happy with it then maybe you should get plastic surgery
'they sick pins in ya..Like a vegetable' 🎶
But your face is your face and once you loose it, what are you accept un-natural? No matter how ugly you think you are, you will always have someone that loves you, maybe not in a kissy-lovey-dovey way, someone you've known forever. Maybe it's not a person you can see, maybe it's God, the natural things of this earth who brought YOU here for a reason. 

Will a pretty face make it better? Will a pretty face make it better? 🎶
It might make it better, but it won't make you comfortable within you

Kids forever, kids forever
Baby soft skin turns into leather
Everyone wants to look or be like someone they're not (including me) so maybe it's time for the media to show more REAL FACES. No, I know faces are real but beautiful exotic features in a load of makeup isn't exactly real. It's all about looking good these days and pleasing what you want to please, but that's the great thing about not being perfect. Sometimes you look fine and sometimes you may look a little different, but we're are ALL beautiful in our own way and WE ALL SLAY!