Friday, 30 May 2014


To be honest I think golden hoop earings, a belly top, tracky bottoms and wedges would be a nice outfit to wear when you want to show off your style.
However today we're going to have a look at some people and critisize their outfits,  then figure out what better outfits that could wear. I will also show you guys some new clothes that I think are nice. 

The Cheetah Girls 2 Final Performance: Amigas Cheetahs 
Focus: Chanel

First of all Chanel is a very pretty girl. The problem is her hair is too slikked, her outfit is too tight and she's wearing clothes that don't harminize each other.

What I think she should of wore instead-

1. Hair slikked in a ponytail
2. Hoop earings (doesn't matter what colour)
3. Stylish belly top
4. Baggy white trousers with sparkly sewn butterflies on them.
5. Some necklaces and bangles

This outfit here is from River Island costing £16.00
This outfit is also from River Island my favourite shop costing £22.00
These shoes costs £22.00 from River Island. 

The Cheetah Girls 2 performance: Step up
Focus: Raven

I really don't think that Raven outfit in this peformance is nice. If she's the only one wearing a hat then shoulden't she be dancing in the middle? Or shoulden't Aqua the person on the other end have a hat too? The problem is, if Raven has a different outfit to the others then all of them would need to change it too. 

What I think the whole group should of wore so that Raven would look better:

1. Same jeans
2. Each have golden belts
3. White Polo shirts
4. Stud earings
5. Each with their hair out

If you love/like Fashion here is a game called Fashion Designer that you might like- 

That's it for FashionTalk today, next time I will talk about 'Sister Sister' an extremely popular tv show in the 90's. But for now, thats a goodbye :) :)

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