Friday, 30 May 2014


Hey guys I'm back for Reviewtalk. In this post I will speak about books and films plus give my reviews.

Name of book: Marley a dog like no other
Author: John Grogan
Rating: 10/10
Certificate: 9+
Genre: True story, adventure

Summary- Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy, with
an appetite of mischief. You could say he's the worlds worst
dog, but for those who love him he's a dog like no other: bringing
joy to his family as he bounds through life teaching them what really matters.

At the end of this book it made me cry (i can't tell you why because then
i will spoil it for the readers). He wrecked the house many times
and the owners got quite annoyed, but they coulden't get rid of Marley, they loved him inside, even though he ruined some experiences. This is my favourite book because it gives you a special feeling inside, and it made me cry. There is also a film, that also will probably make you cry.You must read it. :) :)

Name of book: Amber and the hidden city
Author: Milton J Davis
Rating: 10/10
Certificate: I would say this book is suitable for my age (11), it says at the back that it is for young adults, but i'm reading it now and it seems suitable however  its slighlty complicated!
Genre: Adventure, Mystery

The review for this book will come after ive read it.

Name of film: The Gabby Douglas Story
Director: Gregg Champion
Rating: 9/10

This film is a true story about a girl 'Gabby Douglas' who never takes her eye off her goal 'compete in the olympics and win'. This film is about believing in your dreams and never letting them go.

 Gabrielle Douglas learns hard, complicated Gymnastics moves quicker than a cheetahs legs taught by  her sister. Every once in a while, she wrecks something in her house from a bad ending in her gymnastic moves. After a few years, her mum can afford to take her Gymnastic lessons, and when she approaches the gym, its like all her dreams have shriveled up into one. Once Gabrielle grows into a young adult, she becomes bored of her gym and is desperate to be trained by the famous Liang Chang in Iowa, which is over 1000 miles away from her home location.

Gabrielle sits on the grass with her brother, yet to find out that over 1000 miles away a family is willing to let her stay in their house whilst she trains with Liang Chang…

I think this film could of had better happier up-beat music in it. Also the film was a bit too serious it could have highlighted more fun scene.  

This film is a sweet, passionate story which I enjoyed and have watched many times.

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