Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hey ya'll and welcome to Shine 'nd' Elevate. In my blog there will be :

  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Reviews
  • Dance
  • Interersting facts
  • Pictures
  • Instructions of how to make popular things e.t.c loom bands
  • Stories which I have written
  • And who knows? There might be more stuff in the future!

This is Dance Moms my favourite tv show
it is totally awesome!
You can watch it on Lifetime channel. This programme
is about 7 girls who have to perform
hard challenging dance moves in
competitions. Their teacher is a tough big thing
and often makes them upset and causes arguments
with the mothers. This programme is
dramatic and exciting, you never know what
is going to happen next. YOU MUST WATCH IT!

Rating 10/10

I'm writing a story called 'Nature
Girl' about an 11 year old girl who
lives in a large island called 'Jasper'. Wierd
things are happening, her teacher is
in hospital, the princess was bombed and the man she has
known for years 'Marcus' turns out to be her enemy. You
will soon have a chance to read it in my next post. :)

These are loom bands really cool bracelets
that are easy to make. There are loads
of tutorials on youtube but stay
tuned because im going to write instructions of
how to make them myself! :):)

This is Root 2 Tip natural products
which is great for afro and all types of curly hair.
 I've been using their products for
almost a year now it it has made my hair
healthy and long. My whole family use these products and we absolutley love them, the products smell beautiful. You can buy these products direct from the website

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