Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hey ya'll unfortunetely I coulden't give you a tutorial by myself but here is a really good one. It is quite cool to do it on forks so Im sharing this with you, (This video taught me). I will also give you more links of how to make other rainbow looms on forks. 

ps. (I know it sounds wierd to do it on forks but it works :) )

                                     Flower ring Tutorial


                               Starburst Tutorial

Link chain tutorial

                                Inverted Fishtail Tutorial


                                         Escalator tutorial

                                                    Strawberry Charm Tutorial



ps. the escalator one is definetly for more advanced people.

Guys you should check out this cool web site which offer's Loom events in London and workshops  I will be attending their workshops on sunday's plus a few events. 

I hope you all enjoy your bracelets and hopefully I will give you guys a tutorial made by me soon. But for now, thats a goodbye. :) :) please follow i would really appreciate it.:)

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