Sunday, 8 June 2014


Hi everyone today I will be talking about 'Sister Sister' which was a popular American sitcom in the 90’s. This programme is about 2 very humorous identical twins called Tia and Tamera. The fashion in this programme was sooo funky I love the way people dressed in the 90’s especially teenagers. I will tell you about some clothes that in my analysis are very eye catching.

Season 5 episode 1:

Extra info- Tacky means worst clothes.Quirky means stylish.

Topic:Tia and Tamera tried to win a 
'Dress Tacky' Contest for a date with a celebrity. 

Criticism: They look more quirky than tacky.

What they could of worn instead:

*Old, ripped clothes that were too small for them.

Here are some clothes I like really from

Here is a dress from Zara.
This is tremendous bag that ya'll can carry
with your things inside. I think it is awesome!

Here is a nice red leather jacket from Zara.

'Sister Sister'

Topic: It's Tia and Tamera's 15th birthday.Ray,has organised for them to stay at a hotel and travel there in a limousine. Here is a photo that I like because what they are wearing is stunning

If you like Fashion then here is a game that teaches you about it and you have to dress up your models and stuff. Next week on Fashiontalk I will talk about the fashion on Cosby Show. Bye for now 

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