Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hey everyone today we're going to talk about Fashion in...

You guys must be thinking, 'why does FashionTalk always have to be about old tv shows'. Well here's my excuse- 'Fashion now days in tv shows is hardly ever noticed. Also, the fashion back in the old days was much better than these days. 

I absolutely love their fashion and you might too. There was one character in the show who was looked up too by her fashion. Her name (in the show) was Denise Huxtable.                                                         

Denise Huxtable-

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Guess what, her mum dressed nice too :)

Here are some pictures of the Cosby Show- ps. I will write comments below the pictures

Thats nice :)

Sweet :)

What's so funny boys?

Lovely. Cute Raven :)

They've such nice hair :)

What a nice afro x

Thats nice....not.

For more Cosby Show fashion please visit
You might of noticed that they mostly wear jumpers/sweaters, shirts, baggy trousers and all the other things in the pictures. 

Fashion Tips- (80's style)

1. Find a nice jumper/sweater or crop top and put it on
2. Obtain baggy/loose trousers
3.Put on some hoop earrings (they usually look nice with baggy trousers)
4. Do up your hair however you feel like doing it
5. Put on some makeup (if you're old enough and would like to)
6. Wear some trainers or wedges
7. Don't forget to accessorize!
8. Spray on some nice perfume
9. And now you can go outside and floss on your new outfit! :) :) xxxxx Thank you for reading please follow me as well.

Next time on FashionTalk...

I will talk about Zendaya and her fashion on tv.

xxxxxxx:) :)

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