Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Holiday to Florida

Hey Guys recently ive been to the awesome country filled with massive theme parks- Florida! One of the theme parks i went to was called 'Universal's Islands of Adventure'. Here are some of the rides I went on there.


When I went to this theme park there wasent just roller coasters,
there were motion stimulators. Motion stimulators are rides that make you feel like your in the screen, like your actually in the ride, they are 4D rides technichly.

Proffesional definetion- motion simulator or motion platform is a mechanism that encapsulates occupants and creates the effect/feelings of being in a moving vehicle. A motion simulator can also be called a motion base, motion chassis or a motion seat.[1] The movement is synchronous with visual display and is designed to add a tactile element to video gaming, simulation, andvirtual reality. When motion is applied and synchronized to audio and video signals, the result is a combination of sight, sound, and touch.[2] All full motion simulators move the entire occupant compartment[2] and can convey changes in orientation and the effect of false gravitational forces. These motion cues trick the mind[3] into thinking it is immersed in the simulated environment and experiencing kinematic changes in position, velocity, and acceleration. The mind's failure to accept the experience can result in motion sickness.[1] Motion platforms can provide movement on up to six degrees of freedom:[1] three rotational degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, yaw) and three translational or linear degrees of freedom (surge, heave, sway).

I also went to Universal Studios... 

 WARNING: If you are under 8 or are not a fan of devilish rides, please watch with someone older than you. 

                  There were also some motion stimulators...

The next day of my terrific holiday, I went to SeaWorld. There were awesome perfomances with whales doing tricks with humans and killer whales doing the same. But If you have been there or want to go there, you must know that the humans dont treat the whales as good as you think. There has been times when killer whales EAT the trainers (people in the show. NOT the audience) because of how badly they are treated. Find out more by watching a wonderful documentry called Blackfish. Here is the trailer-

This is the link for the official film site-
After you've watched the documentry, think twice before you want to go to SeaWorld. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go and see the beautiful killer whales, but my advise to you is, dont sit at the front just in case something bad happens.

SeaWorld rides-

At first I wasen't sure about this ride because we would be in a weird position throughout the whole ride, but I went on with my mum and it was great!

I didn't actually go on this ride but i really wanted to. If you have been on this ride, please post your opinions about it because i would love to know how good this ride was.

Here is a quick video about SeaWorld.

I also went to Wet 'N' Wild...


And last but not least i went to 'Aquatica'...

On this ride i went on the purple slide but sadly, i banged my head.

 Thank you for reading my 'My Holiday to Florida' post. Please comment and follow me. xx. I will continue to post new things in the future. :) :)


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