Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sister Invisible

Hi everyone today I will be writing a story for you. Recently I have gotten upset because I think that I'm not that good at English anymore so please post your comments on it and follow me.

Sister Invisible:

It had been almost one year now since her sister, Marlena had passed away. She never wanted to have fun any more, watch TV any more, bake cakes any more, because all of those things, were the things she had done with her sister. "Kaylee, it's time to get up" her mum called tossing Kaylee's blanket aside. "I don't want to go to school any more. Its boring." she groaned aggressively springing off of her smooth, leather bed.

Kaylee tried her best not to cry everyday but she couldn't help it. "Hi Kaylee, do you want to hang around with us today?"her friend Maria asked even though they didn't hang around usually. After her had sister died, Kaylee ditched all of her friends and started hanging around with tissues instead, as she was always crying. "Um…ok" Kaylee answered with water in her eyes, getting her legs ready to run into the toilet. "Stop crying for goodness sake!" Alicia yelled, who was right behind Maria. Kaylee froze for a moment. No one spoke. No one moved. "Don't be so rude! She has the best excuse for crying everyday, I mean, look at Tanya, she's still crying because she got a b+ in the maths quiz, AND THATS A GOOD GRADE!" Sonia boomed putting her arm on Kaylee's shoulder whilst they all gazed at Sonia, a disciplined nerd who always wanted to get an 'A*' in everything. 

The bell rang and everyone walked to there classrooms.

Please comment about my story and follow me guys and I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story as there will be more to come. Thanks Bye :) :)


  1. Are you going to write a book! If you are PLEASE tell me about and tell to get it because it sounds like you no AMAZING