Saturday, 6 December 2014


The reason why you should start playing piano is because it is fun and challenging. You also can play any song in the world with it. 

For example-

When you're a certain grade, you can start playing harder songs and please tell your teacher if you can play this song because usually in piano you play jazz and mozart songs. ps. Jazz songs are extremely fun but I recommend them for Grade 3.

If you work hard, you will be able to play these songs. There are thousands of other songs you can play too!

By the way I play piano and sometimes I feel like giving up but when I listen to these songs, i get over it. :) :)

Thank you for reading and listening. Bye :)


  1. Hi play the piano and it is fun and I think I can watch Dance Moms. I live in America. PS: great post.

    -Hannah at

  2. Yes I watched you play the other night. You should post a clip of you playing. You are really good. Im looking forward to hearing your voice too. I have a feeling you're gonna be great at singing too. X

  3. I play the keyboard and really enjoy that ♥