Monday, 12 January 2015


Hi everyone if you like 'Dance Moms' the tv show please tell me on comments. 

I will be talking about this show (if anyone likes it) and MAYBE even share links with you on how to watch it online. If you haven't got american tv, and can't watch Dance Moms you should watch it online. 

Please look at my previous post BlogsYouShouldCheckOut. Please DONT FORGET TO COMMENT ON THIS IF YOU LIKE DANCE MOMS.


  1. I don't have American T.V but will watch it online. XD
    Emily :)

  2. I've never watched it but my parents don't like the stuff on it so I'm not allowed. I wish I could though!


  3. Hi I have never watched it but it seems cool so maybe I will check it out. PS: I watched the new Sia video and it seems very disturbing.

    -Hannah at

  4. I LOVE Dance mums! but i dont live in the US so its hard for me to catch up! My favorite dancer is chloe. x