Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Guide To Change

Hi everyone sorry for not doing a post for so long but I'm back now. Today I will be giving you a guide of change so here it goes....

One of the most biggest changes I have been through recently is starting a whole new school, SECONDARY SCHOOL. I had to get used to teenagers, a MUUUUUCCCHHH bigger school, new people, new teachers, technically new everything!

So lets open The Guide To Change!
How to deal with your first day of a new school-

This day can be a very scary day for some and exciting day for others. 


* BE YOURSELF (ALWAYS not just on the first day of a new school)
* BE NATURAL ( as in let what happen, happen and don't stress over ANYTHING)
* NEVER BE RUDE ( this is because if you're people will think twice about wanting to hang around with you and also come on its the first day you're supposed to be positive!)
* DON'T WORRY ABOUT FRIENDS (trust me, i worried probably the most about friends out of the whole of my school. Sometimes you meet the right friends really quickly, whereas sometimes it takes a while to know who you want to hang around with. 
* Be organised and if you're lossed always ask someone older to help you. ( theres lunch 4A and lunch 4B which means that some classes have different lunch periods and once i was out on the wrong lunch! SO EMBARRASSING!) anyway i was new. 
* DON'T BE SCARED OF THE TEENAGERS ( please don't be scared of the teenagers I'm not at all it's not like they're evil people they're just loud( well some are loud) and older. :)

Being organised-

In Secondary school you must remember to always be organised or else you're just going to keep have detentions and detentions and detentions and detentions and detentions and detentions.......


*Pack your bag every night for school
*Always PAY ATTENTION in class ( no daydreaming!)
*Always have the right information written down ( so if there is homework for example and everyone wrote it down in there organiser except you that is NOT good!)
*Double check if you've got all the right books in your bag in the morning ( if you want to)
*if you do have a detention DO NOT FORGET IT EVER otherwise well in my school you get an even longer detention if you missed the first one!
* Don't distract anyone and don't let anyone distract you! If someone is distracting you, tell a teacher don't be scared.

New people and place-

I know, it's hard to adapt to a situation that is dealing with new people and a new school. I guess everyone is nervous, but you just don't realise that.


*Be friendly towards others
*Always be available to make new friends ALWAYS
*If you miss your old friends, i suggest you go to the library or bathroom to calm down
*Try to get used to a new place and except that you'll be there for long
*Don't worry about getting people's phone numbers. ( For example if you have friends but don't have their numbers, don't stress and don't be nervous to ask them)
*If you don't like someone but they ask for your number, don't give it to them. Just say 'No sorry'.


Sometimes you will find that you can't stand someone but thats for a really silly excuse, but try not to be rude to them otherwise you might not notice it, but you're actually bullying. 


One thing you need to remember about school is to ENJOY IT! Come on years go quick! Don't waste them being miserable because of whatever reason it is!

Tom and Jerry seen happy together! Rare! Well, i guess thats because they are eating! 


  1. Cool! We have middle school (which is from 6th-8th).These are some fabulous tips :D

  2. Great tips! I especially agree with the don't be rude to other people one as two girls in my class have recently been banned from speaking to each other as they are like sooooo bad enemies
    -Emily ♥

  3. This is a great post, Rukiya! I think the "be friendly" one is very important - sometimes I'm too shy, but I need to remember that if I want to make friends, I have to be friendly! :)

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog!

  4. I'm almost finished with my second year of Secondary school and these tips are so important for a good academic career. i admit I've still got to work on somethings but these tips were great and ill definitely help me be a better student.

  5. I enjoy school it's fun except if u don't have friends, have mean teachers, lots of detentions but u can always find a way to be happy just tell your parents.

  6. These are great tips to remember!! :) Love the lists!

  7. very positive advice Rukiya well done :) I will share this advice with children I know starting high school this year :)