Saturday, 25 April 2015

My (FIRST) Hairdresser Experience

Hey guys...I must be thinking HAS SHE ONLY EVER BEEN TO THE HAIRDRESSER ONCE! SERIOUSLY! Well...yep....I've only been once to get my hair done...Got a problem with that? ( hhahha just joking

By the way I have an afro...

So...I got my hair washed first, and to be honest...It felt like my hair was slowly slipping off! I had to sit in this big black chair. The man who was washing it had to put 2 folded towels on the seat because I was too small :( Anyway, when afro's get wet, they shrink, so my hair shrunk. He put special treatment in it too! Also, IT TOOK SO LONG TO WASH MY HAIR!The people who'd gotten there after me had finished quicker!

Then my hair was blow-dried! Two people had to do it! One was brushing and combing it, whilst the other was drying it! It didn't work out that well, but when the lady who was supposed to be doing my hair came, it worked out great! She blow-dried it awesomely, and now comes the straightening part! 

I got so scared when she plugged in the straightener, I actually thought my hair would sizzle up! But once she done it about 2 times, I was relieved! My hair went down my back and my mum was like "Wow so long!" 

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Peace out. 


  1. WOW. 1. I don't have a problemo with that. and 2. I hate going to the hairdresser ( they don't even give your hair any dresses)

    ps. can I have your email

  2. My email is the information on the Outfit Contest is here-

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the Tony & Guy Hair Salon experience :)

  4. Sounds fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Personally I hate the hairdressers :-(