Monday, 4 May 2015

Imme Kristiani's Guest Post

Such an amazing opportunity to write a guest post on Rukiya Spencer’s blog. Definitely going to make it count! xx

What is it feel like being a VLOGGER? like, speaking directly about how are you feeling at the moment? and being able to watch your 'life' again after a couple of years later? I do not know exactly. 

Yet, I am curious about it. I really, really completely want to know the feeling about it. and I think the only way to find out is owning a YouTube channel. 

So, I did. I made one. and So far, I have been uploading videos. (about DIYs, OOTDs, hairstyles videos, and so on) - But for an 18 year old girl, like me, I have to split my time and energy between school and vlogging. I found that vlogging is a bit more challanging for me because not only filming it on my own, but I also have to edit each videos nicely (on my own, too) so that people will enjoy them. 
Down to date, it is hard :')
However, the massive curiousity I have in mind about every single deets of being a vlogger is still there. So, I am just going to keep uploading videos from now on, so that I can overcome the curiousity. (For I know that you guys support me, I will enjoy the process) ^_^

Here is the link to my latest video :
and these are some little peeks of my upcoming video! Stay tuned! ;)
Please kindly give my videos some thumbs up and subscribe my channel. I honestly work really hard on each videos that I have uploaded. But feel free to comment on the comment section there if you have any questions or some video requests. I appreciate everything. Everything <33 
From Bali, Indonesia – with love, Imme 

Ello...This is Rukiya speaking (and typing lol), thank you so much Imme for doing a guest post! This was perfect! :) Don't forget to join my Outfit Contest if you haven't already!


  1. Hey guys, well done once again Imme! If you wanna do the next guest post, please email me at

  2. Amazing post my dear ! :)

  3. Awww...thankyou so much for having me, Rikuya!!! I really appreciate it! :D
    and I want to do that outfit contest, but lately i have been so busy doing some pretty crazy college stuff. so... :(
    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

    1. No problem Imme! It's a shame you can't join my Outfit Contest but I understand! :)

  4. Cool I'll check out your youtube channel now :)

    1. aww that means a lot! thankyou so much, lovely! :D xx

  5. aw this is a pretty cute post

  6. Aww lovely <3 Visited her blog too so cute <3

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