Friday, 22 May 2015

Sophia Smith's Guest Post

Hey guys!

This is Sophia, from I am doing a guest post on Rukiya Spencer’s blog. I am going to be doing my top 5 fave animals,(1=my fave)  (5 = least fave out of top 5) Okay, lets get started!

1- Horses! My absolute favourite!!

2- Dogs and cats, I can’t choose between them.


3- Bunnies, they are just so cute though, and when you hold one, its so soft!

4- Goats, okay you think I am wierd. But once at my friends house, (She has a HUGE yard, its like a forest OMG!) she has lots of animals, like chickens, goats, bunnies, stuff. That's where I held the bunny too, but anyway, she had a baby goat and I picked it up. It really liked me, and it was fun, until it’s mom bit my shirt. 
5- I actually kind of like parrots, because last summer (2014)I was at Los Angeles or Vegas because i went to both I forgot which this happened at. Anyway the hotel we stayed at had some people with parrots and we got to hold them and take pictures. It was awesome, they were beautiful.


Hey guys! This is Rukiya speaking! Thanks so much Sophia for putting your time and effort into this post! I really appreciate it! If anyone wants to join my Outfit Contest  go ahead!


  1. Oh I forgot to add a pic of a parrot, i will send it to u on gmail can u add it in?

  2. Cool post Sohpia! I love cats and dogs and cutie wittle fluffy bunnies!

  3. My favorite animal is also the horse! They are powerful and beautiful at the same time. I have an eight year old quarter horse, do you have a horse?

    1. Ya, about 20 something racehorses, well they aren't mine they my bro's mine my dads and my moms but one is mine only! Also we have like 5 that we share with my cousins family, Our dads bought them together. So yeah Xd

  4. Hi great post Sophia! I love the bunnies! Their so cute and soft. With their little paws and tiny nose! Ohhh, so cute! Now I want one! :)