Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Guide to Revision

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging for a while! Today I'm gonna tell you how to revise for a test, as I'm having an RE (Religious Education) test soon! I also done a Guide to Change post....So If you wanna check it out, click here Hope this helps!

So lets open the Guide to Revision!

Section 1: 

If you have a test coming up, OF COURSE YOU NEED TO REVISE! I mean....If the teacher hasn't told you to but you think you should...STILL REVISE! It's an important thing to do because you don't want those levels/grades dropping! You want to be progressing....Right? So if you're having trouble with revising...This book is GREAT FOR YOU!

Step 1: Make sure to have paper to write on! This is sacred because where else are you going to put your notes on! In my opinion, if you put your information on a computer....It's not worth it! I mean, wouldn't it be much easier if you were able to keep your revision notes with you without logging on to a form of technology? 

Step 2: Get a lot of information! For example, I'm doing an RE in which I have to write about a religious festival and then compare it to another! I also have to go into history about the festival! So if you want to get a good grade, you MUST get loads of information! You can even get some that your teacher is not expecting! :)

Step 3: Make a quiz for your family and friends to test you on! Like what I've done! Make it challenging! In my RE test I'm focusing on the Hindu Festival Diwali/Divali! And I'll tell you what, It's pretty hard remembering how to spell the names of the people included in the Rama and Sita story!

Step 4: Don't panic! When you're revising, It's very important to not get stressed out! Overall....It's only a test! If you put effort into it, then you'll succeed!

Step 5: REVISE EVERYDAY! This is almost the most important thing in revision! You must revise everyday until the test otherwise you'll start forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and forgetting and TEST TIME! OH NO! I'VE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING! HELP! SOS! 

When the day comes, quietly mumble all the information you've collected when revising! Try to revise a little more before the test! I know it seems like a lot! But it's worth! Then after you've done it, forget it, because there's nothing you can do to change what you've written! 

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone! Again i apologise for not posting for a while!

Heres a video to make you laugh!



  1. Right now I'm taking a bunch of exams for school, and boyyyyyy is it nuts!
    That's a hilarious video. XD

    1. Good luck with your exams! Glad you enjoyed the video XD

  2. Great advise, these tips are really useful, I'll definitely keep them in mind :) xx

    1. Aw thanks! I'm checking out your blog RIGHT now :)