Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Stereotypes of Black and White People

Hey guys! So today I'm gonna do a post about the stereotypes of black and white people. None of us are black and none of us are white but that's what we're described as nowadays...Whatever...

Black People Stereotype:

We all must know this by now...Black people are expected to be rude,inconsiderate, not care much about anything, ghetto and all those things. Considering I'm not like that, I'm taken as 'different'. Well everyone is different...So that doesn't really make any sense. You can't expect someone to be the way you thought they'd be, and then say they're 'different'. I sometimes blame this stereotype on films. The black person has always got the bad attitude, the ghetto family and the lack of kindness, which isn't fair. If you're black and you aren't like 'the stereotype', people would say, "You act white". Erm...Since when did being kind, NOT load, disciplined and respectful mean a white person. Surely anyone could be those things. Again I blame this on films, the white person has always got the rich family, nice personality, great talents and so on. 

White People Stereotype:

Posh. Rich. Into her studies. Quiet. Sensible. Goody- too-shoes. 

Once again, I blame this on movies.

This video is basically about how black girls are expected to be, which I love watching because it cheers me up.

What I'd like to know in your comment:

What you thought about the video

Your opinion on black and white people stereotypes

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Heal: Outside of The Hut Chapter 7 and a 'What I Plan For the Future'

Hey guys! So today like i promised you'll be getting the 7th chapter of Heal, but before i give you that, I'm gonna do a 'What I Plan For the Future' thing...Which i was tagged by the wonderful and sweet Sarah from The Joys of Life. Thanks for tagging me!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dancer, I love ballet and lyrical dance.

What college or university do you want to go to? Well i definitely want to go to a performing arts school, although i have no idea what college or university i want to go to yet.

Do you want to get married? Yes! He'll be an amazing husband!

Do you want to have children? Definitely! 7 children! I'd love to have identical triplets. xD

Apartment or house? Definitely a house...

Pets? Nah. But my children can have pets.

Car or van? Car...An awesome car...

I nominate:

Skye, Lexie and Tenley.

I was surprised neither of my parents ran after me...They just stood there, staring at me with no expression on their faces. If my 'mum' could run for my 'dad' how could she not run for me? It was Karen and Huey who came after me. However i ordered for isolation. They turned back, with their heads down, obeying their older sister. I sat by myself in a leaf bush.

Blue Mitchell. Blue Mitchell. Blue Mitchell. Blue Mitchell? How could i find Blue Mitchell? An aged woman in a gown strolled passed with shopping bags. Strength? Check. Confidence? Check. And with those two things...I asked her "Um...Excuse me um...Do you know a man called um...Blue Mitchell is?" 

"Why?" the woman asked raising a brow.

"Um...Um...I'm his...I'm his...Daughter..."


"I'm his daughter"

"Kizzy? Kizzy Mitchell? Is it you?"



"May i ask how you know my name?"


"Oh really..."


We walked for a very long time. I knew i was raised well and taught to respect elders, but of course it's going to be awkward walking with a women you barely know! She talked and talked and talked and i replied and replied and replied. Until finally, we reached a petite cottage. The old woman left me there, not saying a word. I knocked nervously on the door, nervous if no one was there. But to my surprise, a man with a tightly curled Afro appeared. He had an alcohol bottle in his hand and huge bags under his eyes. However he was wearing a tuxedo. "Um...Hello little girl...I have no idea who you are...But if you need help...Please come in and..."

"I'm your daughter...Kizzy"


"Kizzy?" the bottle immediately dropped and pieces of glass violently smashed onto the floor. Alcohol was exploring my feet whilst i stood on the door mat. "Kizzy?" He said once more, leading me to a miniature glass table with two leather chairs. I sat down, looking around at his kitchen. Alcohol in the sink. Alcohol on the table. Alcohol everywhere. I began to feel uncomfortable, and wanted to leave immediately. "Who took you here? How has life been? How did you find out about me? What has happened?" I explained the whole thing, trying my best to ignore the alcohol bottles. But i simply just couldn't! "Nice meeting you...Father..." I ran out of the door, after shutting it i stood there, with my head down crying. "KIZZY...WAIT!" I hated hearing him say that, I felt so bad just leaving him like that. I was his daughter, how dare i do that to him when i could clearly see that he lived alone. Depressed. "KIZZY!!!!" He ran to look for me outside the door, and saw me standing there with my wet face. "Kizzy i..."

"Why do you drink alcohol so much father" From a slight frown his face went completely blank. The alcohol was dripping from my converses. 

"I don't"

"Yes, you do"

"Alright Kizzy...Follow me..." He led me to the woods, we sat on a chopped down tree. 
"Your mother Kizzy...She...She just...Disappeared..." He put his hands over his face.

"Disappeared? When?"

"When you were about 1 month old. As usual, we both went to work...But one day she didn't come back..."

"What did you do?" 

"I looked EVERYWHERE Kizzy! EVERYWHERE! Even behind the saw toothed bush!"

"The saw toothed bush! Hey that's my name for it!"

"I'm sorry YOUR name? It's been called that ever since people started living behind it darling!"


"I'm so sorry Kizzy...I'm so so sorry"

"Why?" Why was he saying sorry? What had he done wrong?

"For leaving you on a doorstep. I shouldn't of. Those people who i left you with could of been thieves! Murderers! There are so many possibilities!"

"Don't worry! They're lovely! But i left them, today..."


"Because today i found out that neither of them were my parents...It's a long story..."

"Well...Sometimes the truth hurts. I'm glad you came to me"

"I'm glad too dad"

We strolled back to the cottage together, me in my dungarees and dad in his t-shirt and loose trousers. I stayed the night. He took me to a small room with a bed and draws at the side. I slipped under the covers with my dungarees because i had no pyjamas to wear. The silk sheets relaxed my skin as i peacefully went to sleep. My dad next door. Everything was happening so fast! The move from the tent to outside. The market. The grandparents. The diary. The birth certificate. The exile and now the father. What would happen in the morning?

Me and father had pancakes with lemon and sugar for breakfast. There wasn't as much alcohol in the cottage as i thought there was. Then we went back to the woods, and talked some more. 

"Dad, i think we should go..."

"Go where?" My father's face was always serious, he looked wise, exactly like my 'grandfather'.

"Back to where i lived...I mean...I need to explain to them..."

"We haven't got much time," He got up from the log and pulled my hand, sprinting. I didn't need to ask where we was going, i already knew. But what would i say to my 'parents'? They didn't deserve a word out of my mouth. After they'd stared at me like that when i was making my way out. However dear Karen and Huey, those sweet little 'siblings' of mine...

Door opens...

"WHAT? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Obviously that was my 'father'.

"This is Blue Mitchell...The father of Kizzy Mitchell." My 'father' mumbled something behind the door, from where i was standing, it sounded like, "Is this the guy who left the poor child on the doorstep. Phh there's no way i'm letting him in. But i'll see Tamera"


"No. If she comes in, i come in with her."


Seeing my 'father' so angry was the scariest thing i'd ever experienced. Me and my father clutched onto each other like our backsides were super glued. "WHY HAVE YOU COME HERE...WHAT WAS IT...BLUE MITCHELL?" My 'father' boomed, smashing a glass antique on the sofa. "I'm here to explain everything that has happened so far with me and my daughter Kizzy. I know how you feel..."

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE FEEL BLUE MITCHELL...NO IDEA" My 'mother' kicked the book shelve with her trainer. 


"WHY SHOULD WE LET YOU EXPLAIN? YOU'VE GOT YOUR DAUGHTER! YOU'VE MADE OUR LIVES A WRECK. SO LEAVE!" 'Dad' yelled. Me and father were glued next to the door. I couldn't believe my 'parents' were being so violent. At that moment, Karen and Huey came running down the stairs. We immediately exchanged hugs, i held Karen on the right and Huey in the left like a baby.

 "Tamwera! Where have you bween?" Karen questioned me. I couldn't answer in front of the two furious adults in front of me. "KAREN AND HUEY GET OFF TAMERA NOW! GO TO YOUR ROOMS!" 'mum' said. They exited. 

"I came here to say that I'm so sorry for leaving my child on the doorstep without explanation. I'm sorry for making your lives a wreck, but me and Kizzy would like to spend time together now...Right Kizzy?"

I nodded.


Hope you guys liked it! Thanks for reading! 

See ya,


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Why I like most Disney films + A little surprise

Hey guys! Happy father's day!

 So today I'll be talking about Disney Movies and telling you why they're always the best, unlike DreamWorks Animations and more (which are also very good! But Disney for me has always been the best!)

Basic things i like about Disney Films:

* Their films always get to the point 
* Their animated characters are never really weird looking
* Hilarious 
* Gives you a warm feeling

Disney films that let me down:

UP: I think 'UP' was a nice movie but the old man was so moany and draining. Also the enemies and the dog just wasn't working. They could of made it less sad and the man less weird looking. And the situation with the enemies was SOOOOO boring to me.

      Aladdin: Although Aladdin is quite an old movie, i just had to  
      mention it in this post. Once again, the situation with the  
      enemies was quite boring to me. It could of been more like  
      Tangled. The music was beautiful but draining and the 
      characters were weird looking, like the gene.

There are more Disney movies that let me down but i don't want to continue with the negativity. 

What Disney movies i love:

Big Hero 6
The Lion King (best movie ever!)
Wreck it Ralph

Why i 'love' these movies:

I love these movies because they're 'deep'. As in something serious happens in ALL of them. Someone you think is good turns out to be bad.

A couple of weeks ago i went to see The Lion King Musical in Switzerland. It was absolutely amazing and since then (Don't judge) I've been listening to the soundtrack. 

    Here's the surprise:

This is a draft for my button made by the awesome Lily Tran :D I got it ages ago xD

Thanks for reading guys! Have a lovely day!

~ Rukiya

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Trying To Appreciate London

Hey guys! So  as you probably know,  I live in London. But I'm ALWAYS complaining about it, which I shouldn't because there's so many unique places and so many nice things to do here! So obviously  those  two are one  of the reasons why  sooo many people want to come here on holiday. From now on I'm going to try and appreciate it more, and one of the ways I'm going to achieve  that goal  is by giving you  14 awesome things about London!

1.  There are so many amazing exhibitions to attend!

2.  Lovely shops to  browse through, for example Harrods (One of the  most  expensive shops  in the world)

3.  On a hot day , London is apsolutely stunning, for example, you can go to Victoria Park    (which is very big) and have ice-cream, play on the grass, roller skate and more!

4.  SO many activities to do! As i do ballet on a saturday and piano on friday! I used to do Jazz dance at Sylvia Young (One of the best performing arts schools in London!)

5. Delicious markets!


7. Really cool festivals! (I went to a park the other day and there was music, breakdancing and you could even spray paint your name...And of course, DELICIOUS FOOD)

8. Different ways of travelling for example Underground (Subway), Bus, Car and more.



11. Awesome museums! VNA, Natural History Museum, British Museum and Science Museum and more!


13. Double Decker Open Top Bus (You get to tour through London City)

14. And last but not least! Attractions-

London Eye
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace 
And more...

Thank you for reading my post everyone! My next post will probably be later this week!


Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Typical Girl's Worries

                                                        But They Might Think We're Weird...
                                                              But he might think...

It's usually girls with these problems. "But they might think this but they might think that!" People need to stop worrying about what people think all the time. I'm not saying not to care what people think, I'm saying not to worry. Sometimes if there's something you gotta do, do it! Don't let opinions stop you. Everyone has an opinion...I mean...Whats the point in worrying about some. If you don't have much experience in acting, but you get the chance to be in a movie...What? Are you seriously gonna say "But people might think i don't deserve to be in the movie..." Or are you gonna step up to the plate. Rise not fall. And do what you gotta do well?

                                              Arghh I Look So Ugly...
                                                          I wish I Could Be Her...

Come on! We've got to stop calling ourselves ugly. We've got to start appreciating being ourselves. We've got to stop looking at technology, and letting them slowly dislike ourselves. If you think someone is pretty...Don't wish to be them? You're not and never will be them? If you get an opportunity to do modelling when you're a teenager and you see loads of other models working for the same company...What are you gonna cry and quit because you think they're prettier than you? 

                                                       Argghhh Why Did I say that?
                                                  I'm so stupid...

Really? Everyone makes mistakes! Please stop calling yourselves 'stupid' or whatever and start owning up to your mistakes! If you were in maths class, and the teacher asks you a question and you get it wrong...Don't put yourself down! No one is perfect!


                                                                    Life is so boring...
                                                          I wish I had a life like her...

As far as I'm concerned, as long as you live in a nice place with nice family you get food you get clothes you have nice friends you have nice teachers and you have a nice school and your parents treat you well and encourage you...Your life is absolutely fine! Once again...Stop letting technology be ungrateful for what you have! Some people don't have any of those things. Some people don't even know their parents. Some people are homeless. Some people are slaves! And you are seriously calling YOUR life boring. If someone asked you "how's life?" Are you seriously gonna say "Urgghh...So boring...I wish I was Taylor Swift coz my life totally sucks." If you want to be an actor or something...Your time will come to shine :D Don't look back on these celebrities lives and suddenly think your life is lame. Because you probably won't notice...But you've become slightly jealous...

I know I've slightly exxagarated...But if certain people keep doing this...There's a chance that this might happen. Thank you so much for reading everyone! I'm gonna try and do a drawing tutorial soon! 


 ~ Rukiya