Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Typical Girl's Worries

                                                        But They Might Think We're Weird...
                                                              But he might think...

It's usually girls with these problems. "But they might think this but they might think that!" People need to stop worrying about what people think all the time. I'm not saying not to care what people think, I'm saying not to worry. Sometimes if there's something you gotta do, do it! Don't let opinions stop you. Everyone has an opinion...I mean...Whats the point in worrying about some. If you don't have much experience in acting, but you get the chance to be in a movie...What? Are you seriously gonna say "But people might think i don't deserve to be in the movie..." Or are you gonna step up to the plate. Rise not fall. And do what you gotta do well?

                                              Arghh I Look So Ugly...
                                                          I wish I Could Be Her...

Come on! We've got to stop calling ourselves ugly. We've got to start appreciating being ourselves. We've got to stop looking at technology, and letting them slowly dislike ourselves. If you think someone is pretty...Don't wish to be them? You're not and never will be them? If you get an opportunity to do modelling when you're a teenager and you see loads of other models working for the same company...What are you gonna cry and quit because you think they're prettier than you? 

                                                       Argghhh Why Did I say that?
                                                  I'm so stupid...

Really? Everyone makes mistakes! Please stop calling yourselves 'stupid' or whatever and start owning up to your mistakes! If you were in maths class, and the teacher asks you a question and you get it wrong...Don't put yourself down! No one is perfect!


                                                                    Life is so boring...
                                                          I wish I had a life like her...

As far as I'm concerned, as long as you live in a nice place with nice family you get food you get clothes you have nice friends you have nice teachers and you have a nice school and your parents treat you well and encourage you...Your life is absolutely fine! Once again...Stop letting technology be ungrateful for what you have! Some people don't have any of those things. Some people don't even know their parents. Some people are homeless. Some people are slaves! And you are seriously calling YOUR life boring. If someone asked you "how's life?" Are you seriously gonna say "Urgghh...So boring...I wish I was Taylor Swift coz my life totally sucks." If you want to be an actor or something...Your time will come to shine :D Don't look back on these celebrities lives and suddenly think your life is lame. Because you probably won't notice...But you've become slightly jealous...

I know I've slightly exxagarated...But if certain people keep doing this...There's a chance that this might happen. Thank you so much for reading everyone! I'm gonna try and do a drawing tutorial soon! 


 ~ Rukiya 


  1. Awwww, this is so sweet. : )


  2. Great Post Rukiya! You made my day! Now I am all cheered up! : )

    1. Thanks Sarah! So glad u enjoyed it! :D

  3. Such a great post I really could relate to many of those worries xx :)