Sunday, 21 June 2015

Why I like most Disney films + A little surprise

Hey guys! Happy father's day!

 So today I'll be talking about Disney Movies and telling you why they're always the best, unlike DreamWorks Animations and more (which are also very good! But Disney for me has always been the best!)

Basic things i like about Disney Films:

* Their films always get to the point 
* Their animated characters are never really weird looking
* Hilarious 
* Gives you a warm feeling

Disney films that let me down:

UP: I think 'UP' was a nice movie but the old man was so moany and draining. Also the enemies and the dog just wasn't working. They could of made it less sad and the man less weird looking. And the situation with the enemies was SOOOOO boring to me.

      Aladdin: Although Aladdin is quite an old movie, i just had to  
      mention it in this post. Once again, the situation with the  
      enemies was quite boring to me. It could of been more like  
      Tangled. The music was beautiful but draining and the 
      characters were weird looking, like the gene.

There are more Disney movies that let me down but i don't want to continue with the negativity. 

What Disney movies i love:

Big Hero 6
The Lion King (best movie ever!)
Wreck it Ralph

Why i 'love' these movies:

I love these movies because they're 'deep'. As in something serious happens in ALL of them. Someone you think is good turns out to be bad.

A couple of weeks ago i went to see The Lion King Musical in Switzerland. It was absolutely amazing and since then (Don't judge) I've been listening to the soundtrack. 

    Here's the surprise:

This is a draft for my button made by the awesome Lily Tran :D I got it ages ago xD

Thanks for reading guys! Have a lovely day!

~ Rukiya


  1. Awesome! I love Disney movies. If you want, I can turn that button into an actual button for you :) And also Rukiya, I was wondering if you could change the color of the text to a darker color, it's a bit hard to read, not trying to be rude or anything, it's just a bit hard to see :)


    1. Thanks Noor! And yes please make the button into a real one! I think the colour of the text is fine, i'll change it soon. :D

  2. Hi guys! Sorry i said that the 7th chapter of Heal would be out today but i totally forgot about it. It will be the next post i promise.

  3. This is an awesome post. I couldn't agree more when you said that the relationships with the enemies in Aladdin was boring! It was too basic and definitely needed something to spice it up a bit more. You are such a talented writer! Looking forward to reading more in the near future.

    Skye x

    1. Thank you so much Skye! It's cool how we both think that!

  4. Great post! I personally love Disney movies! They are just so awesome! I also love your button! It is so cute and catchy with the background!