Sunday, 26 July 2015

Heal: Outside of the Hut (Chapter 8)

Hey everyone, so before I start the post, I have two announcements! 

I've got braces now, thank God they're the removal ones...

THERE'S A NEW BLOG! WRITTEN BY SOMEONE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE! Her name is Ella, she is only 8 years old and VERY talented:

My life was a wreck. My dad and my 'parents' argued all night. Dad told me to go back to the cottage, alone, in the pitch black sky, I wondered around...Praying that I wasn't lost. "MHHMMM" I loud, elderly voice yelled. I felt bony hands delicately slithering up and down on my shoulder. "Excuse me, young darling" she said. 

I saw just the eyes of her face that night, "Yes ma'am" I replied politely. 

"You must be Kizzy. Why you out here on your own?" she said in a cockney accent

"Um, ma'am, I'd prefer not to tell you...It's kinda private" I quickly walked away, before she could say anything, but of course, she found me. "Oi! Ya don't run away from me like that! Ya look like your grandma! Let me take ya to her!" 

"But, I need to get home ma'am" I gulped hard after saying this, considering I knew I said it rudely. "We ain't got much time, come here!" She dragged me and dragged me and dragged me. I had no idea where I was, all I could see was eyes, small blue ones. I definitely was not used to blue eyes, brown eyes were familiar. I actually never knew there was such thing as blue eyes, until I met her. 

"Here we our little one! Now you go and spend time with ya grandma. See ya later Kizzy! Cheers!" 

The door was creaky. The house was terribly small. "Come in darling" a lazy voice demanded. Everyday something else happened. I was sick of it. All this, and now I'm meeting my real grandmother? Does this make any sense at all? The room was sickening, a sofa was squashed in the corner, and a bed was pushed against the wall. "Your eyes, your eyes are amazing" she said, I stood up, I didn't want to sit on her old, dirty chair. It was horrendous to look at, I didn't care if she was my real grandmother. "Now Kizzy...My granddaughter, there's a book..."

"NOW LISTEN TO ME YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE RAT, WE KNOW YOU HAVE THE BOOK. SO GIVE IT TO US. NOW!" Blue Eyes boomed, whilst violently pinching my neck with her sharp nails. Because I refused to give my real grandmother the book, she had called Blue Eyes and told her to ask. "GIVE US THE BOOK!" grandma screamed, punching me in the stomach. She wasn't my grandma, she just wanted my great -grandfather's book because she was jealous, jealous of his God given gift. At that moment, my 'father' came in. "Tamera! Come here! DON'T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER, YOU EVIL WITCHES". He was my father after all. Of course he was. He grabbed me and shoved me on his back, I was glad to be, glad to not even have to stand on this woman's floor boards. 

"Dad?" I whispered, as we were making our way back to the house. 

"Yes darling"

"I'm so sorry about everything. He completely lied to me."

"You don't have to say sorry Tamera. I have a story to tell you"

"Please tell me the story"

"That woman, the one who said was your grandma, her mother, knew your great grandfather. Caesar, the one who was psychic. She was jealous, jealous of his gift. She murdered both his parents, his mother was pregnant. And that amazing child, that amazing un-developed creature SURVIVED! Her name was Kizzy, and she's still alive..."

My great grandma Kizzy was still living, at 119 years old, Blue Mitchell had messed with my birth certificate, tricked my mother completely, and was following in his grandma's footsteps. I never did find out how he had tricked my mother in such a way, and changed my birth certificate, but I knew that he was my enemy, and that I shall never ever follow his path of jealousy. I never knew that jealousy could lead to murder, Blue Mitchell's grandma had done that, to my great great grandma and great great grandma, all she wanted was Caesar's book, to try and find out what would happen in the future before everyone else. Even if she had had the book, with that attitude and rush to discover something that hasn't happened yet, she would of never worked it out. Then one day, when Caesar was only 28 years old, with his wife and kids, she stabbed him dead with a knife. 

 My father had said that even though my great grandfather had never had clear  visions, he was still taken as a psychic. It was now my responsibility to read more. So running upstairs to my bedroom, I read and read and read, all night. 

Dear Diary,

My visions are starting to become more clear now, as in not so blurry. A little girl was reading a very old book in her bedroom. I have no idea who that was...Maybe a grandchild...

Dear Diary,

Today I had a very scary vision, bombs were being set everywhere, I heard gun shots every five seconds, it was terrible! Is this chaos going to happen today!?

Dear Diary,

Today I'm REALLY angry, both my parents have been killed, and somehow my baby sister has seemed to survived. She hasn't even fully developed yet, she's so tiny that her chair could be a teacup. Luckily I have my grandparents to look after us. They took her to the doctors, and she's going to stay there for a while. I can't sleep at night, I want to be with my sister, Kizzy. I don't want her at the doctors without me. She could be dying right now. It's too hard to explain my hatred for the Mitchells. They're jealous of my gift, SO jealous that they had murdered my parents. One day I'll get them back, and If it's not them, I hope it's someone related to me. What's worse is that a little girl only aged 8 would even have the 
audacity to murder two 32 year old people. I have to go to school with that little devil, she's in the same class as me. My grandparents are looking for a new school for me to join. AWAY from them. Every second of the day she's staring at me, staring at my eyes. 

Dear Diary,

Today of course I had a vision. Yes it was blurry, but it wasn't at all hard to understand. A little girl met a VERY old woman, the woman was talking to her, giving her directions to a special place. 

My eyes were beginning to close, I was determined to read 50 entries, but as I tried, I kept reading the same sentence, I kept reading the same sentence, I kept reading the same sentence. When faster than the blink of an eye, I dropped to sleep. 

"MUM, DAD, I REALLY WANT TO MEET KIZZY!" I boomed as soon as I woke up.

"MORNING TAMERA, COME DOWNSTAIRS FOR BREAKFAST, YOU'LL SEE KIZZY TODAY!" Mum replied. Vegetarian sausages. Finished. Bagels. Finished. Scrambled egg. Finished. Baked beans. Finished. Hash browns. Finished. "I've finished, I'm gonna go and get myself ready! Thank you mum thank you dad!" I was so excited that day, and so happy to be back with my real family again. When I was walking up the stairs, I saw Huey and Karen running down. "Hi guys!" they jumped on my back as If I was as strong as hercules. "TAMWERA! WHAT HAPPWENED?!" they asked in unison.

"It's nothing guys! Now go down and eat your breakfast! It's a big one today."

We walked all the way. My mum came with me. Kizzy's house was quite far away, there were people walking all over the house, as she was old, she needed people there to look after her. It was a big house, bigger than ours. She had a beautiful front garden and back, lovely polished windows, everything was amazing! "COME IN! COME IN!" Kizzy yelled, I ran in like a bomb was about to explode next to me. "Hi um..Great grandma Kizzy! I'm so excited to meet you!" I screamed, hugging her at the same time. 

"Hello hello hello. What is with this great grandma Kizzy. Just call me Kizzy GG. GG of course stands for great grandma! Oh hello Mariah! Thank you for bringing her here!"

"Hi Kizzy! That's not a problem, I'm gonna leave you two here alone. See you later Tamera, be good for Kizzy GG!" and they both laughed at that. 

I hope you liked it everyone! Please don't forget to check out Ella's blog! 

Have an amazing holiday!



  1. Hi! This was a interesting post! I will read Heal: Chapter 8 after I read Heal: Chapters 1-7 first XD I checked out your drawing gallery and the ballerina and the last drawing were my favorites!
    -xoxo Lizzie

    1. Hiya! Thank you, hope you enjoy my story! :D I'll check out your blog now.

  2. I like your new design!

    1. Thank you Kathryn, Noor made the header and I LOVE it!

  3. This is post is really interesting and it caught my eye when I started to read it and it's not very often that happens. You should honestly feel proud for what you have done so far on your blog and these posts as they are really good. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I have nominated you to answer a question on my blog it's only a small question but its one that gets asked a lot so it would be nice to see your reaction.

    The Grand Regime

    1. Thank you The Grand Regime. Also thank you so much for the nomination! I'll definitely check it out right now!

  4. Very interesting! I'll go check out her blog :)


    1. Thank you Noor! I'm glad you're going to check it out :)

  5. A very honest write... scary and beautiful together
    well done Rukiya... Another great read...