Friday, 31 July 2015

What it takes to be a good babysitter

Hey guys! So on Monday and Tuesday me and my brother had a babysitter. In my opinion, she was terrible at babysitting, and today in this post I'm going to tell you why she wasn't good enough for me.

ACTUALLY TALKING TO IT'S RESPONSIBILITIES: My babysitter barely done this, I mean, of course she talked to us, but that was only things like this, 'Hold my hand'. 'Your mum's coming soon', 'Do you guys want pasta or pizza?'. She could of at least asked us about how school was going, considering I DON'T KNOW...BECAUSE WE WERE MOVING INTO A NEW YEAR!

Taking an interest in what it's responsibilities are doing: We had nothing to do in her house except watch the TV and go on the laptop (which we brought). Whilst we was on our  laptop, she was just sitting back, relaxing on her phone and pretending we weren't even there! Why don't you get your but off that sofa and ask us what we're doing?! 

NOT TREATING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES LIKE BABIES: Her mum clearly told her that I was 12 and my brother was 10, when I was walking, she literally grabbed my top and pulled it, as if I was a dog on a leash! Even when I was crossing the road, she held our hands, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. But 1) we're not babies 2) If you're going to hold our hands at least say why and actually say it KINDLY.

Being happy about the whole situation: I don't think she smiled at us ONCE! All she did was tell us what to do 'You guys need to walk fasterrrr'...STOP telling us to walk faster.

Making a joke out of things: I was going to buy a souvenir and she says, 'Ok. You gonna waste your money? Ok..." Seriously? First of all it's not wasting money it's USING money to remember a place you went to, and USING money to enjoy what you got or whatever! What's even more annoying about what she said was that her tone was so moany, as if she didn't care about much. She could of at least said it in a brighter tone and laughed at the end, since this was the first time she babysat us and we didn't know her very well!

I hope you enjoyed my post everyone. Now you tell me, have you ever had a terrible babysitter and what do you think of this one?

See ya!


  1. I think you're not being too fair. First of all, the babysitter doesn't have to care what you're doing at school. She doesn't have to ask, and you can't force her to. Second, you are her responsibility, she feels it's safer to hold your hand crossing the road. And, it's not her fault you walk slow.

    1. I don't believe this is a fair representation of what she was trying to say and people are allowed to voice their opinions on what happens in their everyday life. This blog is for only nice comments to be posted so please if you dont agree with what she has said voice them to her privately not over her blog to make her look bad.

  2. I certainly agree with what you have said here although we cant make some become a different person. If they was to be babysitting the least they could do is to make an effort and I can see by the post that she failed to do that. It's always better when a baby sitter actually gets involved with the children and makes it fun for them not a torture for all you. As then the day would drag and it would never make you want to come back. What she should have done was to make it more fun and got herself involved otherwise what's the point in looking after children if you dont exactly like them? I dont understand but I really do agree with what you are saying. Great post and hope to see more in the future

    The Grand Regime

    1. Thank you so much The Grande Regime, I really appreciate it.

  3. ya I totally agree with you.