Thursday, 6 August 2015

The UK and the USA

Hey everyone! Let's get right to it shall we!

So yesterday I found some videos about what the UK people think about the people in the USA. This woman made quite a rude video about the USA accent. Here it is-

Now, you've watched the video. You've understood it. So in your comment, please tell me what you think about it. The funny thing is, she claimed that Americans sound like they're vomiting when they speak, but she vomited in the video! Also she's quite wrong saying that Americans say their 'r's deep down inside the throat. I have American family members and I know that they CERTAINLY DO NOT dig deep down inside the throat just to say their 'r's...

In my opinion, I think It's really rude. The USA's certainly don't sound like they're vomiting when they're speaking!

Now here is another video, about the American stereotypes in the UK

What do you think of this? Now I'm gonna show you a video talking about the EXACT opposite.

What did you think of this?

I personally LOVE the American accent and found it quite surprising when I found out that a lot of them like our accents. They are quite right about the teeth, but then again It's the dentists who stop up us from getting braces at a young age like the Americans. Most people in the UK get their braces when they're teenagers, the dentists used to say that you had to get them when all your baby teeth came out....But not all of mine have come out and I have removal braces now! I'm glad I have them anyway, I like the way they make my teeth look and I love how they're going to fix my teeth! 

This was just a little post I guess...

Enjoy your summer holidays! 

Byeeeeeeee :P


  1. This is a good post and one that I particularly enjoyed to read and watch the videos. I felt that in the first video the woman was beyond rude with the way Americans pronounce their words as this stereotype does not actually relate to them. As different parts to America speaking in a different accents. Like the UK we don't always speak posh as you have farmers in the open spaces and then the Scottish and people from Yorkshire all speaking different.

    I do love the American accent as well as the Canadian as it does sound pretty funny when you listen to them speak or try and sound like us. I think this is a great post and it certainly interested me in how Americans thought about us.

    Fish and Chips all the way!!!

    The Grand Regime

    1. Thank you The Grand Regime, I agree with everything you said!

  2. OK the first and second one are personally rude to me because I'm American. But watching all the videos right after the other was interesting.

  3. What do you mean Americans have accents? You British people have accents. Can I just say I love British accents? I can't believe that most of the Americans would stay in the USA. I would love to live in England. The food is so much better for you then US. Plus, your chocolate is soo much better than American chocolate. Plus, British had Sherlock. :)