Saturday, 26 September 2015

#BloggerChoiceAwards2015 ~ Interview with Noor

Hey everyone!! I'M BACK...IN MY 'Imaginary Interviewing Studio' WITH....NOOR! She one the Best Choice Overall Blogger Award and Best Choice DIYer Award!! So let's begin shall we?!

"Hi everyone! I'm Noor from A Little Bit of Sunshine! I'm so happy that Rukiya's having me here today"



"It's an honor and a pleasure to receive these thanks! I would especially like to thank a very special blogging friend, Lexie, for always sticking with me! And I would like to thank all my other blogging friends and my readers!"


So Noor, you just won two awards in the BCA...One of them was quite a big achievement! How does that feel?

It feels great! I'm so happy that my fellow bloggers like my DIYs and think I'm worthy of winning those kinds of awards :)

Well that's good news!

What did you think of the BCA? Any critiques? I could always use some from an amazing blogger like you :)

I think it was a fabulous idea. It was a great way for us to connect and spread the blogging love!

Thank you! So if you hosted one yourself, what things would be different about it? Please be totally honest :)

Um I'd probably have less categories (not that I'm saying your categories weren't amazing because I loved each and every one of them), I'd be too lazy to come up with as many!

So what would you say was your favourite category?

Probably either Best Overall Blogger or Best DIYs XD

Any tips on how to win the Best Choice Overall Blogger Award?

1) Stick with what you love, do what you love, never do something you don't want to do!

2) connect with readers, ask questions, answer questions, do your best to reply to your comments

3) Be confident! Don't call yourself a bad blogger, don't think you can't win something like this award because you can! You just have to know you can and work towards it.

So lemme give you something to fix. Let's say a girl blogs about random stuff, her blog design is awesome...She never has any errors on her blog. Everything is fine. Except her posts are never that interesting to read. How would you sort that out? 

Unless her blog design makes my eyes hurt, I wouldn't do anything about that because to me blog design doesn't matter, I just love doing designs :)
But as for posts, maybe I'd offer to give her some blogging help, leave a comment on her blog with my email. If she were to respond, i would start by giving her constructed criticism on her posts and then maybe give a few tips on how to make her posts more interesting :)

So now, what is your ideal WORST DIY post ever? Such a rude question...How dare I....

Horrible flash iPhone pictures without HDR, not good explanations, hard to follow, *shudders*

Any other DIYs we can expect from you...AWWWWW PLEASE JUST A LITTLE HINT!

Oh all right. I'm planning on doing some fall DIYs, maybe some recipes, decor. Just loads of fall related things! I've also had some requests for fandom based DIYs :)

OOOOO how is your two little surfboards? Where did you put them? *Coughs*...Sorry about my lack of matureness*

I love them! I'm planning to put them in the sidebar or make a new page!

Any tips for us bloggers?

 Do what you love. Please. Please. Please. Don't post fashion because everyone else is, don't post writing because everyone else is. If those little lifestyle posts make you happy, keep them up. Also, don't post unnecessary things like just one whole post to mention a contest, or a giveaway. Or don't post one sentence things like: 'My favorite food is cookies.' and nothing else. No one wants that.

Now, the BIGGG question: What do you think of my blog?

I love it of course! You're funny and I love your originality!



  1. Thanks for having me Rukiya! It was fun :)


    1. No problem Noor! It was a pleasure to have you :)

  2. Awesome interview!! Thank you so much for mentioning me Noor! <3


    1. I know right that was so sweet! Glad you liked the interview Lexie :)

  3. Loved the interview! Noor deserves the award. :)

    1. Oh hi Jo! Glad you enjoyed the interview :D

  4. Hey Rukiya, I loved the interview, Noor definitely earned it!
    Also, I've tagged you to do my 'Times Gone By' tag!
    Little Robin xx

    1. Aww glad you enjoyed it Little Robin! Thank you so much for tagging me, I'll check it out now :)