Friday, 30 October 2015

A Story

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A Story


Four siblings had just got back from school, the oldest having to look after the rest due to the fact that their parents weren't home from work until 5:00pm. Instead of opening the huge, wooden door to a perfectly settled home, they opened the wooden door to see a little girl standing right in front of them. No, she was not just a little girl, she was a little girl with bags under her eyes that looked as dark as a pitch black night sky. She was a little girl who, when analysed for a moment, appeared as a murderer. Just as they crammed into one corner, the oldest Tallulah, was ready to turn the door knob with out anyone noticing...She said, hello.

"Hello...Did you not hear me before? I said, hello" she blinked, as if powder had just been spluttered into her eyes. Tallulah wasn't scared, in fact, she was never scared...she just almost vomited...that's all...

The girl was wearing an indigo dress, just a normal dress. Just normal shoes too. But her face surely wasn't normal. Four children stood stuck to the door, one ready to run out. And...One girl standing not so far away from them. Tallulah, now second guessing her rapid plan, decided not to escape. In replace of that, she tilted her head, eager to know who the girl was.

"Who are you and why are you..." She tried to be bold, and firm and strict, just like her dad.

"I am Semuli, and I am three years old. Where is your mother, I have to tell her something...NOW" Semuli's voice sounded like a three year old...So she must of been three...But why did she want to talk to their mother?

"You're not talking to our mother...Unless you explain yourself. Yes, we know your name and age, and also know that you'd like to have a word with our mother...But why exactly...SEMULI?" Semuli walked closer...

"I am here, because your mother owes me. Your mother owes me big time. Today, I'm going to do something to her..."

"And what would that SOMETHING be, ha?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that...Just, remember her I guess?" Semuli put on an eager smile, her hazel eyes glistened from the sunlight through the window aside. 

"Remember her? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO OUR MOTHER?" Tallulah had never imagined that such a young girl would have the audacity to talk to her in such a manner. Most of all, she'd never imagined a girl name Semuli would of exsited. 

"Well...It's a pretty long process...UGH, FOLLOW ME IDIOTS!" 

"Follow you? Why the heck should we..."

"You should follow me because you'd want to know more about me? Or wouldn't you, I guess you don't care about your mother..."

"Okay? Well I guess we'll follow you, NO, I will and that's it. You three, go to Amelia's house" three children shaked their way out of the house, on their way...still. Shaking. 

Semuli took Tallulah across the street (that was normal), round the corner (that was normal), and then into a terrific estate (that was NOT...NORMAL!). 

"Uhm Semuli? I don't think I feel comfortable going into an estate like this..." Tallulah whispered whilst Semuli eagerly pressed her flat number on a medium sized, rectangular metal pad. 

"What...Why? This is my home" Her cute smile suddenly turned into a dissapointed, sad face.

"Okay, I'll come in..."

"MAMA, PAPA! I'M HERE with the evil child!"


And that's it! What do you think of Semuli? *NOTE* I made her name up on the spot, just like this story.

Wow...She's scary...

Thanks for reading!

Bye everyone :)