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#BloggerChoiceAwards2015 ~ Interview With GirlRadio

HELLO HELLO HELLO! I'm back with NOW.....GIRLRADIO IN MY 'IMAGINARY STUDIO'. What AN AMAZING SUPRISE THAT WAS...AS IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW SHE'S HERE FROM THE TITLE! She achieved the 'Best Choice Original Content Award'! So let's begin shall we?

"Hi everyone! I’m GirlRadio (my real name is Sneha - pronounced snay-hah) from Nerd Glasses and Wanderlust! I’m here to do an interview on the lovely Rukiya’s blog and I’m super excited :) "
*note* I do not own this picture...Wow that would be freaky if I did... This is a picture of GirlRadio, also known as Sneha. Please do not steal, she owns it and no one else.

"I really want to thank everyone who voted for me! You all are amazing! I also want to thank Rukiya for hosting the Blogger Choice Awards 2015 and giving me this opportunity."



So Sneha! You just won 'Best Choice Original Content Award'. THAT'S QUITE A BIG DEAL! So how does that feel for you?
Amazing! Even though I wasn’t exactly competing against anyone for this award, there were still quite a few people who voted for me when the polls came out. I appreciate all of your guys’ support :)

Yup! You done a brilliant job on the poll, and you deserved that award 100% :)

Gurl...I'm absolutely LOVING your originality! Any tips on how to gain original content?
Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I browse Pinterest or other blogs. My own little secret trick - sometimes I even do posts based off of YouTube videos I’ve watched! However, I do recommend that you don’t try to post the exact same things as a blogger, Pinner, or YouTuber. To make sure that I can be both original and inspired by someone else’s work, I change up anything I find to fit me as a blogger.

Thank you so much for this! Your ways of blogging are just spectactular!

Now, what did YOU think of the BCA? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME CRITIQUES! There's gonna be a Blogger Choice Awards 2016 and it definitely has to be better!! Be totally honest please :)
I thought it was great! It was honestly a pretty awesome idea :) One thing I would change, though, is that maybe it would be better if, for the categories that have two winners, only one was chosen. Maybe there could be something of a tiebreaking poll for ties. Haha kind of random but that’s me :)

Yup! That's definetely something I'll keep in mind for next year :D

So what would you say was your favourite category?
I can’t choose! I love Best Choice Original Content, Best Choice Blog Designer, Best DIYer, Best Choice Personality Blogger, AND Best Choice Funniest Blogger.

So now I'm gonna give you something to fix. *note* I'm not going to relate to any bloggers I know. Let's say someone is REALLY working hard to win that Best Choice Original Content Award! She's being her, adding a unique but addicting taste to her blog...But there's just one. Little. Thing. Wrong. She has the same topic in her posts every day...THE BLOGGER CHOICE AWARDS 2016! How would you sort that out?
I would probably make a little Pinterest board for her with my top picks that fit her personality and could inspire her! I would also email her with some tips if she wanted, like the ones I gave earlier.

I like your thinking, this method is a great way to improve someones faults in a kind way 

It’s on my sidebar! Scroll down a bit and you’ll see it :)


Any advice for us bloggers?
Keep believing in yourself and don’t let the amount of followers you have define you!

Oh yes...That's something I should work on. When I don't have as much comments or followers for my liking, I start to question myself.

NOW, THE BIG QUESTION I HAD TO ASK NOOR TOO: What do you think of my blog? I want complete honesty!!
I love it! You’ve got the post-about-a-lot-of-different-things thing down, and if you had a Bloglovin I would definitely follow you! I’m already following you on Google Friend Connect...

THANK YOU! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, and I'll be sure to get that Bloglovin account soon!

Thank you Sneha! It was a pleasure to have you!
Thank you for having me!

Thank you so much for reading everybody!


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