Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Halloween Prompt Night


To 'DIE' For
by Adelaide (aka DJwolf-Addy)

The dark and cold evening drew on, mist gathering, but in the neighborhoods, children laughed, screamed and ran from house to house; each holding a small plastic trick-or-treat basket. that seemed to get heavier after each house.
A girl, watching in the cemetery, slipped closer and closer to the light and sounds of the bright neighborhood. But as she tried to step toward the white painted line that separated the neighborhood from the road; pain issued through from her brain to her eyes and her joints.
She gasped and stepped back. “Not strong enough yet” her eyes only faintly glowing red.
“I’ve waited 16 years, I can wait a little bit longer, the longer the wait; the sweeter will be the vengeance” she giggled quietly. For she had died at as soon as she was a year old, because her parents found out she was possessed. So her parents left her near the cemetery for the maintenance worker to find her, but he never did and she died that night, which so happened to be October thirty-first.  
It had taken 16 years to finally leave the dead and get a decent body ‘borrowed’ from another departed soul. But she needed a new one, that her mother wouldn’t recognize. She planned to kill her parents and live as a mortal person once and for all, her only problem was; getting a new body every odd numbered year.
She slipped through the shadows and crept up behind her old house, she knew it was her house because she smelled fear and guilt. She looked in the window and saw; a little twelve-year-old girl sitting on the couch with a pout and a tear-streaked face. her Cinderella costume left on the kitchen counter. apparently the house was empty, Perfect.
“Wretched creature” hissed the girl, and she flitted through the walls and into the house. As soon as she came in, she could now be seen.
The little girl jumped. “Who are you?” she ran behind the couch. The older girl giggled. “I am Annabeth, what’s yours?” she stepped nearer to the girl.
“I am Annabelle, what are you doing here? This is my house and I’m sure my parents wouldn’t want you here” Annabelle said in determination. Annabeth smirked wickedly “Annabelle are you?” the girl nodded.
“Well what I’m doing here isn’t of your concern, and this is my home. As to your parents well..looks like they’re gone, but you aren’t? Why is that?” sneered Annabeth. Annabelle went quiet, then said “They didn’t let me go trick-or-treating, they think it’s dangerous out there at night”
“Oh..When will they be back?” asked Annabeth.
“Tonight in about an hour, and I hope they get back soon” said Annabelle.
“Well in the meantime. Why don’t we…” Annabeth looked around and spotted the kitchen and the utensils in it. She walked to the kitchen slowly and picked up a sharp knife, “Play a game.”
Annabelle didn’t seem to notice “I’m too old for games”
“Oh trust me, I’ll give you a game that’s to Die for” said Annabeth. she could feel her body starting to evaporate, she had to act quickly. “First” she said “Get on your costume”
“But I’m not going to trick-or-treat, why should I?”
“Just do it!” Annabeth hissed. The girl grabbed her costume and headed for the bathroom. Annabeth was fingering the knife when Annabelle finally came out.
“” asked Annabelle.
“we’re going to play...interrogation” said Annabeth pointing to a chair, Annabelle sat and watched as Annabeth tied her up with a rope, then Annabeth stood up “So tell me about yourself, and make it snappy”
“Well, I like cats, pink, princesses, owls, and lots of other stuff” she said. Annabeth shook her head and sighed “Well that’ll have to do, tell me more”
They went on for a little while. Then Annabeth decided it was time. Just as Annabelle started to say “This game isn’t very to Die for, I’m getting bored” it happened, Annabelle let out a blood-curdling scream and then...All was quiet, Annabeth stood up and looked around at the bloody mess, she started laughing hysterically, running around the now splattered red kitchen. “I did it!” she yelled “I changed my body! My parents are in for a nasty surprise! And she sat down with her costume still on” Annabeth had changed her body to Annabelle’s after killing her with the kitchen knife, all was going accordingly to plan.
The door unlocked and in came her parents. They stood shocked at the bloody mess. the lights were dim and then blinked out.
they heard a soft voice walking over from the bedroom halls. “I’m here mother and father, I’ve always been,”
“Annabelle are you alright?” asked her mother, fear rising in her chest.
“Oh Annabelle..well. she’s not here, she’ you say; departed, gone, dead” said Annabeth sneaking behind them.
“Then who are you?” asked the father, he looked around trying to look for the voices source but it was too dark.
“Don’t you know?” sneered Annabeth quietly and eerily.
“No” they both said, but somehow they were getting a creepy idea on who it was.
“I’m your daughter, the one who you left in the cemetery 16 years ago before you had that stupid wretched creature of a daughter, I am Annabeth”
“Annabeth?” they whispered “You, you’re the wretched creature! No! You’’re a monster!”
“Yes” she giggled “Yes I am, But how silly and idiotic of you two to leave me there, it was a lonely place with only undead people for company, but I grew stronger with my hatred for you! Don’t you know demons like me always get their revenge? obviously not” Said Annabeth.
“What did you do to our daughter Annabelle?” they asked.
“Oh, your stupid daughter and I played a game that was ‘to Die for’ And eventually, she did die” said Annabeth.
“How dare you!” yelled the mother in grief.
“Oh I dared, And you’ll be very very very sorry for ever leaving your own daughter behind!” said Annabeth.
“We’re very sorry, please forgive us!” said the father. the room went silent.
“Annabeth where are you?” asked her mother.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back,” said Annabeth, and with two hits and two heart piercing screams her parents fell down DEAD. And all through the night, only the wicked of the most wicked could Annabeth's laugh and her parent’s screams till midnight.


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  1. That is a really good story! I hope you enjoy your halloween as well.

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    1. Your story was amazing, thanks so much for submitting an entry!

    2. Thanks so much! I had so much fun writing it! :)

    3. I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight lol.

  3. I'll try to enter your comps if I can Rukiya! Happy Halloween!

    1. Okay kl! Happy Halloween to you as well :D could you please answer my email? The invitation wasn't working.