Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dance Chat with Kathryn

Hey everyone!

This post should of been published about a month ago, but...Oh I'll just get on with the point. I'm back with the lovely Kathryn in my 'imaginary studio' to have a little dance chat with! Me and Kathryn both adore dance, and so I thought, WHY NOT HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH HER ABOUT IT?! 

You can check hers out with mine here


This button was made by Kathryn, credits to her!

Welcome to my 'imaginary studio' Kathryn! So first off, how did you get into dance? Anything inspired you to do it?

Thanks for having me, Rukiya! I started when I was three, and at the time, I wasn't that serious about it. Somedays I only went for the stickers we got. : D

Then later on, I was in one of my first shows, and while waiting in the wings, I saw the "big girls" dancing en pointe. I knew I had to do that!

Do you enjoy dancing? Is it something you'd like to do professionally in the future?

Definitely. I hope to dance with Joffrey Chicago so I can be close to home. ( I live in Chicago.) 

Who are your favourite dancers? Misty Copeland, Maddie Ziegler...THERE ARE SO MANY!

Misty Copeland and Kathryn Morgan! Misty's story is so inspiring, and I love Kathryn Morgan's YouTube channel...check it out!

How many dance classes do you take and what are they?

I take ballet, three times a week for two hours every lesson(on the weekends for two and a half.)

What tricky dance moves have you achieved so far? For example, I recently taught myself how to do fouette turn, a la second turn and pirouettes! I know...You readers are probably thinking....What in the world does she know about dance? She hasn't even been doing it for a year! But yes, I have achieved them, properly.

I can do a decent tourchette(I just realised I had no idea how to spell that...), I can do a clean looking pirouette, and at times, a double. I can do fouettes(fortes.) I know it doesn't seem that much, but ever since I came to this new ballet school, I've had to catch up on all the technique I never knew about. I have a lot to work on! : D
It is really fun just to spin around in the hallway though, and I think it helps. XD

Got any dance photos of you that you'd like to share?

Here's a picture of me in my street clothes doing a non-ballet move. I want to encourage you guys to believe you don't have to be taking lessons to dance!
Sounds cliche, but it's true. 

Do you have any tips so share with dancers? 

Believe in yourself, don't let others drag you down, and be your own dancer.

What do you do after a bad dance class? How do you feel after a good one?

After a bad class, I get very discouraged. I usually can't wait for my next class because I want to prove to my teacher I'm a good dancer. When I have a good class, it usually makes me happy for the rest of the day. : D



*everyone gasps in shock*

I don't know much about it actually.

Well Dance Moms is actually what inspired me to dance! It's an EPIC LIFETIME TV SHOW, AND I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE IT LIKE CRAZYYYYYY!!!

And now, THE BEST QUESTION OF ALL: Have you ever had to improvise in a dance class? If yes, HOW DID IT GO?!

Several times I've had to improvise-the teacher will give us specific moves we have to use, limited counts,  and we choreograph a short variation! It's very fun.

Wow! Well I'm definitely glad that went well for you!!

Rukiya suggested that we both write letters to Misty Copeland on these posts...we can send them to her through her website! Here is mine:

Dear Misty,

I am a 14 year old that has been dancing ballet since age three. Until last year, I was at a small dance school which I left due to bullying and lack of classical ballet training. Now at my new ballet school, I must work double hard to improve in all the technique I missed. You inspire me to keep on striving towards my goal of becoming a professional ballerina, even when it seems impossible.


Kathryn P.

Thanks for stopping by Kathryn, it was a pleasure to have you!

Thank you Rukiya! Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Thank you for hosting me Rukiya! This was fun.

    1. No problem Kathryn, yeah it was pretty fun :)

  2. This was amazing! I bet you and Kathryn are both fabulous dancers :)

  3. This was really fun to read! You two seem like awesome dancers.