Friday, 20 November 2015

g o n e a n d b e c a u s e ? ~ Tribute / NerdBuZZ Question 1

Hi everyone!! Yay, NerdBuZZ is FINALLY STARTING. So, the FIRST GROUP to get an answer right wins 5 points, the group with the most points will obviously...WIN! But let's not think about that now, I mean...the competition has JUST started!

~ The groups ~

The Bookworm Bloggers
featuring Noor, Lexie and GirlRadio


The Roses
featuring Rose Thorn, Jenni and Josie

The Diamonds
featuring Nabila, Little Robin and YaliSafiya

What 20th Century Fox film is having it's 25th anniversary ?
(this was a fun question, but later on there might be a few serious ones)

If you're in a group and know the answer, HURRY UP AND COMMENT DOWN BELOW WHAT IT IS!

Please write a comment like this ~
*BUZZ* The Bermuda Triangle is in the...


g o n e  a n d  b e c a u s e ?

they lived
they loved it
they done things with it
they never thought they'd loose it

they lived

they went
they enjoyed
they laughed
they smiled
they were happy

they lived

they talked
they played
they danced
they sang

they screamed

they looked

they panicked

they fell

they hurt

they shrieked

they cried

they fell

they're gone...


People have dreams. People have lives, people have FAMILY! And they've lost it because? Everyone thinks they know. They think they do.

So now people have died. INNOCENT people. 

All we need is love...
That's IT.


  1. *BUZZ* There are loads - Home Alone just had its 25th anniversary, But Edward Scissorhands

  2. It's Home Alone!! Well done Lexie, that's 5 points ALREADY for The Bookworm Bloggers!

    So guys, I'm sorry but you're gonna have to wait till the next question...SORRY!

    1. Just incase you guys are a little annoyed, I'd like to tell you that Lexie did not receive ANY CLUES WHATSOEVER from me, it was 100% HER who found out the answer

  3. I actually have no knowledge of 20th Century Fox films... so I'm clueless! Anyone else on my team have a better movie mind than I do?

  4. *Buzz* Home Alone. Disclaimer: I have not looked at the other comments.

  5. I did look it up, since you said we could.