Sunday, 31 January 2016

Nabila: Guest Post | 2

Hello everyone! 

Today the awesome Nabila from
Hot Town Cool Girl is in the house XD

Take it away gurl!


First of all let me thank Rukiya for letting me do a guest post on her blog. She is such an amazing blogger and I am honored to do this. Today I am going to be giving some tips for bloggers.

1. Always have a good layout/design- 

Even if your content is awesome and your blog doesn't look appealing it will turn people off. If I go to a blog with weird fonts or weird stuff I usually don't read it for the sole reason of it's appearance. 

2. It's ok if you are not popular at first- 

Don't get frustrated over not having a lot of comments or viewers. Not everyone is super popular at first. If you think that then it will drive you crazy!

3. Get yourself out there!- 

If you never go on other blogs and tell people about your blog. How will they find out? How I'd suggest what you do it is, go to other blogs and post a comment with your blog url, or, (if your new) say so and ask if they can go to your blog. It works, I promise. 

4.Look at other blogs-

You can get inspiration and motivation and ideas from other blogs. It can help you post as well. 

5. Post what you like- 

Don't just post what everyone else is posting, that will get boring and your viewer would want to read new things. Things that are true to you. If you don't post what you like to post then why post at all? 


Wow. These were so straight forward and simple yet awesome blog tips!

Thanks for your guest post Nabila, it was nice having you!


  1. Wonderful tips Nabila! These are great for new bloggers and older bloggers too :D


  2. Yay fantastic guest post Nabila! It seems like not many people do this sort of post so it's great.

  3. These are really nice tips. When I write a blogpost, I think "is this interesting enough for someone who doesn't know about me to read?" because blogging is basically about expanding your horizons and learning about other people and cultures.
    Have a nice day!

    1. That is true! You have a nice day too Catalina :)