Friday, 15 January 2016

they've come.

Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but honestly; I had no idea whatsoever to post about...Which is quite weird for me...

Anyway, today I'm going to write a poem...Well, try more like. 

they've come.
they're taking away some.
they're taking our country away.
maybe we shouldn't stay

they're here.
i try not to shed a tear.
i think in my mind that it isn't right
do they know it isn't right, or might?

and now I'm here
but why?

i have people that already love me
there are grazes all over my knee
she's coming to fix it
she's telling me to sit
but i already have people who love me
but i already have people who care for me

love ~
a strong feeling of affection.
is it strong?
have i done something wrong?
have i done something that affected them?

when am i going back home?

when am i going back home...


I recently watched a film called 'Rabbit-Proof Fence' about people called the Aboriginals, (look down to see more pictures of them). In 1778, Europeans invaded Australia and basically took complete control of it; treating the Aboriginals like absolute nothing, and control of them. They kidnapped the children (which this poem was based on), made some slaves...And those that sort of stuff. But one of the most disgusting things that they done, was wipe out their race to increase theirs. When the Europeans first entered 250 different aboriginal languages there were in Australia. There is just a fraction of that number now.The Aboriginals were and still are spiritual people.

In your comments, please express your opinions of my poem; I really want to hear what you guys think!

Thanks for reading, see ya! ;)


  1. I know it's pretty sad, except they kinda had to invade because they would've had nowhere else to put England's convicts. But it's still pretty bad and sad.

    1. Hi Elsa, I'm sorry but what do you mean by they had to invade because they would've had nowhere else to put England convicts?? What??

    2. Well one time when the Europeans invaded it was because England's jails were full and they had choice but to invade another country and out them there. But maybe the movie you watched was about another time people came... Or captain cook?

    3. They definitely had some where else to put the convicts! They just wanted them to get out of the country!


    4. Thanks Elsa for your reply. This was nice :) But seriously, a country?? You'd throw convicts into a different country because there were no other jails...That's ridiculous. Rose Thorn, you're probably right.

      Thanks guys!

  2. I watched that movie last year at school!!!

  3. I love your poem Rukiya - really well-written and thought-provoking <3


  4. Love this! The Aboriginals were amazing people! We learned about them in 3rd grade :D

    1. 3rd grade XD cool! They were and still are :)

  5. But now it's seems like aboriginals are treated well.

    1. Oh no they're NOT. They're not treated the same as everyone else. A lot of aboriginal parents are depressed alcoholics, you should research it. They don't let them have jobs, they're treated like lower class citizens, which doesn't make sense.