Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Little Robin: Guest Post | 3

Hey guys! I'm back with another guest post from the lovely,

Little Robin!

Take it away gurl!


Hello there! I'm Little Robin from Little Teen's Blog (my name is not Robin, my blog is anonymous) and I'm so excited to be doing a guest post on Rukiya's blog! This post is all about expectations vs. reality when it comes to going back to school after summer break, because my holidays are almost over and school is about to start! Great! *the sarcasm is very evident in my voice right now*
Anyway, lets just hop right into it!

Study and effort
This one is a huge problem for me, and I fall for it every year. Before term commences I always manage to convince myself that "this year is going to be the best year yet and my grades will go through the roof and I'm going to study four hours every night and probably extra on the weekends and... well, you get the idea. Anyway, my year never goes to plan. In fact, I remember telling myself  this last year in my first SOSE class of the year, but instead of my grades skyrocketing, they actually dropped. I failed a subject for the first time (science) and my effort levels in school dropped to a surprising low. Please don't take this as me telling you to never set goals like this for yourself, because without setting goals in he first place, we can never achieve anything. But this is one of the problems I personally suffer from on an annual basis.

Stationary and Back To School shopping
I think this one catches a lot of people out (mainly girls I would guess), and I am definitely one of those people. Call me crazy, but I look forward to shopping for school supplies at the beginning of the year! Because again, I set goals and expectations for myself that I never really achieve, like "I'm going to have amazing cool stationary and an awesome pencil case and everyone is going to be jealous and I'll be the living breathing definition of Tumblr and... well you get the idea. Instead, I get too lazy to drive the extra few kilometres to a cool stationary store and end up pulling into Officeworks. And so the coolest stationary that I end up buying is a 6-pack of tiny highlighter that look adorable at the time, but end up being very impractical because there's barely any ink in them. This year however, I managed to overcome this one and purchase some cute stationary, using the excuse that "I will be more inclined to study if I have adorable things on my desk" and so we've just done a loop back to my first expectation.

Meals from home
Since I'm a teenager, it's kind of implied that I'm broke, because most of us are. So because I have very little money I can't afford the expensively overpriced meals from the school canteen. This means that I have to bring food from home, which I expect will turn out like a healthy meal that tastes amazing and looks like those lunches out of a "Healthy Lunch Ideas" Youtube video, but end up being a grain bread sandwich with Vegemite and cheese (we love our Vegemite, we all adore our Vegemite). I don't think I need to expand any more, other than to say that I'm a lazy human being.

So there you have it! Some of the expectations and realities of going back to school that affect me annually. I know I'm not the only one who has the (very first world) problems, but let me know in the comments some expectations you have that don't really work out.
Thank you to Rukiya for letting me post here, and congratulations if you are still reading at this point! 

Lots of love, Little Robin 

No problem Little Robin, it was a pleasure having you!


  1. Again thank you so much for having me here Rukiya! Feel free to email me if you want to do a guest post on my blog too :)
    Little Robin xxx

    1. No problem Little Robin! Oh I'd love too, I'll email you soon about it :)

      ~ Rukiya

  2. Your blog looks great!!! It's been a while

    1. Thanks Vanessa! And yeah it has :)

  3. Lovely post Robin! I've never tried Vegemite but when I watch Youtubers react to it, they always think its gross xD


    1. Thank you Noor! I've seen those videos too, and I agree, eating spoonfuls of Vegemite is disgusting (I assume, I've never tried!) It is quite strong, so I only eat it if it's not thick, but some people love it and eat heaps!

  4. This an awesome post Robin!

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