Monday, 15 February 2016

Makayla-Grace: Guest Post | 4

Hey guys! 

I'm back with another awesome guest post from the one and only, Makayla-Grace! 

Blogs ~
MAKAYLA-GRACE (personal)

Hi lovely humans reading this! My name's Makayla-Grace, but just call me Grace. I'm 10 and here's something you guys should know- I have Leukemia.
But, anyway, let's not talk about Leukemia right now. Here are some (very random) facts about me:

1. My best friend is a blogger, too. (Rukiya designed her blog; her blog is 'Kelsi')

Rukiya speaking : Sorry to interupt, but that's what you call a correct and good use of a semi-colon!

       2. Nature Photography= about 75% of my life. Although I can't exactly go outside right now (stuck in a hospital blah.), I still love it. What I always do is put my phone (it's my camera) up to a window and just take a picture.

3. I LOVE MUSIC. My favorite bands are All Time Low and The Summer Set (go look up their music on YouTube, it's awesome)

4.I have a HUGE imagination

5. I believe in unicorns (I know, I'm so crazy)

6. I collect American Girl dolls. I have 3, Alyssa (TM #33), Ella, and Marilisa (TM 42).

So that's about it, folks! So, go check out my blog and (possibly) follow! Bye,


Why don't we all wish Grace luck in hospital!? 

Good luck Grace, you're an amazing, talented girl and never forget that. We wish you the best of luck in hospital, and we know that you will get better soon! 
NEVER give up on your dreams, and NEVER let anyone bring you down :)

~ Rukiya



    You seriously brought tears to my eyes when I read the end. Thanks. :)


    1. Aww, Grace you're gonna make me cry now! You don't even have to say thank you, you deserve it :) I loved your guest post also :D

      ~ Rukiya

    2. It is so true makala, your awesome and I wish you luck.

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  3. GOOD LUCK Makayla-Grace!
    I bet you'll get better really soon. :)
    Also, Rukiya, I noticed you are in the midst of a blogger's block, so I nominated you for the Quote of the Day Challenge. You're welcome. ;)
    ~ Suzy |

    1. Hey Suzy, actually I'm not in the midst of a bloggers block anymore, but I was before though. Thanks for the nomination anyway!

    2. Oh. Whoops! :P Well, you're still welcome. x)
      ~ Suzy