Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dear: The British Museum

I went on a tour through you,
Not an ordinary tour,
A tour that told us the truth about you,
It's really amazing - how evil you really are.

Dear: The British Museum -
You hide black history,
It is evident that you just want us to think that all we were about is slavery.
Martin Luther King.
Rosa Parks.
Those are the three things you push into our mines on the stupid thing called - Black History Month.

Dear: The British Museum -
Your history itself is disgusting.
A lot of things in you are stolen.

Black people created civilisation,
Black people created maths and English,
Black people created astrology,
And so the list is endless, and oh - you didn't want us to know that a black person also made the first plug in.
Wow - all the things you hide to make yourself look better.

Dear: The British Museum -
You destroyed beautiful sculptures of African people - their noses - to get rid of anything that looks African,
You even had the audacity to replace it with a Caucasian nose. 

Dear: The British Museum -
You're the definition of wicked,
But it's okay - because someday everyone will know the truth.
If that doesn't happen, you actually thought people didn't know anyway?

Dear: The British Museum -
You just love to separate Egypt from Africa,
You leave a small, underground section for 'African history' in the museum.
Egypt is in Africa,
But you know - people like to make it seem like Caucasian people were living there.
They are now - but that's because of something called invasion.

Dear: British Museum -
You also just love to make African people seem like crazy, dirty people.

I hope you get shut down soon.
I hope revenge comes on you.
I hope you..I hope  you..


Hi everyone, I hoped you liked my poem. It was pretty 'deep', but I figured that I needed to let out the truth. I in no means meant to offend people of different races, and I CERTAINLY have no hate against Caucasians.

An 'African-American' is someone who's ancestors were in slavery, which is mine. However, my ancestors were in the Caribbean instead of America, but I don't live in the Carribbean. I live in Britain...But I wouldn't consider myself African-British, because there are Africans coming here, so wouldn't that be a title for them?

So I guess I am just - 'African-Carribbean/but-lives-in-Britain'
Or to make it more simple, I'm technically just an African-American who lives in Britain...Ish..

Friday, 25 March 2016

The Evil Thing Called: A Bath

Hello again, 

Today I will be talking about the 'evil thing' called a bath, I just had one, and in my opinion it's torture.

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Please give me a virtual pat on the back for this post's poster, and please don't ask why it has a beach instead of a bath, thank you ~ Rukiya

Baths are just straight torture, it's not comfortable at all to be in. Most people bath twice a week and shower the rest, however, I shower every day and DON'T have a bath. I decided to have a bath today morning, I wanted to experience it again, but that was a mistake..

Was it because of the particularly bath? Was it that I wasn't used to it? Or is it just not my thing.

1) The sweat 
A bath is supposed to make you clean, but instead, it probably makes you more un-clean. It's so uncomfortable when you're thrown into a horribly warm, salty thing, and you sweat like crazy. Ew. 

2) Itching
The way your back is itching like crazy...Just isn't normal. It makes you want to get out immediately.

3) Headache..Drowsy..Tired
I don't know why, but when I was in the bath I had a headache for about 5 seconds. It was really weird..And it makes you want to faint.


That's it for today, bit of a short post...But next time will be even better ;)

See ya!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Thoughts When At Carnival

Hello everybody!

I'm back with another post that'll hopefully make you laugh...XD

I get pretty scared sometimes. This can be if I'm near a teenage fight, and also at the big celebration 'carnival'.

I've never been a fan of being surrounded by people who are taller than me. It's just like...No. Just..No. And if there's a fight, that's gonna make everything A LOT better...I mean it really does help!

Today after school, I was kept behind along with some other students in my class because I  didn't do much work, (by the teacher who mi do not like at all i mean who does she is playin favourites like that's totally out of control mate bruv you don't do them tings not only does she have the audacity to play favourites she also doubts other students bruv you don't do dat like nahhh mannn)

I'm a good student though, I don't answer back or anything. Not a bad child...

Anyway, so I was walking out with two friends when I see a big crowd of teenagers from our school (right outside). Obviously I'm gonna be like, "OOOO IS THERE BEEF?"
For you Americans and the other peoples in the other countries ~
Beef means a fight/argument


I see a big crowd, and clearly, something was going on. Faster than the blink of an eye, I see people from different schools coming, even boys. I'm like...Whaaa


I've never been a big fan of carnival, and so here are my thoughts.

So much people...
Why are these peoples so careless?
Oh so you're just gonna throw it on the floor? 
How about seeing if it ACTUALLY went out?
Do you wanna start a fire..
Nahh man
Forget you..

Can you stop pushing me please?
Stop arguing over stupid things
Yo...Stop pushing me mate..

I like this song
This is my tuneeee

Okay I'm hungry, let's get some food from one of the stalls
This is nice.

Oooo is that beef?
*hearts thumping*
*literally runs away*
*but family pulls me back*

I'll try and relax..

What's going on now?
Has the fight ended?
Has it stopped or what?

It's getting late now...I wanna go.

I figured that 'beef' would sound kinda weird to you readers...But that is what we say. 

Oh...I finally feel like I'm blogging again. 
And those are my thoughts, which have been slightly exaggerated. 

See ya!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Back Like I'm Never ♫

Hi guys, 

You all must be disappointed with me, and I am to. I really just needed a break, blogging became a chore instead of something I really enjoy - and when you're in that position...The result would only be to have a break. I know, I know, it was stupid of me to have a break without telling you guys professionally. 

It's almost as if I wasn't as good as a blogger this year compared to late 2015. When I was younger I was much more creative, I'd write stories, draw, and make amazing things. But ever since secondary school it seems as if I have absolutely no time.

I'm currently in love with Bryson Tiller's 'TRAPSOUL' album, and so the title of this post was inspired by his song 'Don't'. Thanks ;)

It's 2016. I've been given another chance to share things with the world, and I'm going to do it. I'm not just only going to do it, I'm also going to do it amazingly. 

I also want to make my blog into something completely different. I definitely would like a new blog design, it needs to be bigger. I'd like a bigger header, I want it to look so professional that it'd literally look like a website. Wish me luck guys, I think I'm gonna need to get someone to do that for me!

~ Rukiya


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Blogger Apprentice // Task 3

Hai guys, 

Task 3~ Making Blogger Friends~ Pt 1 

Everyone wants to be blogger friends, well maybe not everyone, but everyone wants to know friendly bloggers! However, it's not always that easy to do so, I mean it's online! 

A lot of people want to be friends with a blogger, but in their email/comment or however they're communicating, they struggle with words to say it.

And it's okay, because there are right ways to do it!

So, which way would you communicate to tell a blogger that you'd like to be friends!?

A) Email/comment ~ Hey, I'm ___, I blog at ______ and was wondering if...{Insert task}

B) Email/comment ~ Hi I'm ___ and I blog at ____ would really like to be..{Insert task}

C) Email/ comment ~ Hi I'm ___, I blog at _____ what's up? {Insert task}

Task 3~ Making Blogger Friends ~ Pt 2

After your email OR comment, the blogger replies with a kind message, willing to be blogger friends with you. So...How do you start this out?

A) What are you posting about today? Any plans for posts in the future? {Insert task}

B) Cool! I'm new to blogging, so I think it would be cool to make friends. I actually have another question for you...When did you... {Insert task}

C) Yay! This is pretty cool, do you... {Insert task}

NOTE* Your task is to not only pick 'A)' 'B)' or 'C)', but also add some more to it. That's why I put '{Insert task}.'

In the email for your task, try to set it out as neat as possible, I'm always in the mood for those ;)

Good luck!



Hello bloggers! Noor back again with another little article for you all :D A common question that I, and a lot of people get asked by others is: How do I make blogger friends?

Blogger friends are important, they’re great to have and they can also help you in tons of ways! It’s quite easy to make blogger friends, as long as you’re kind and have a good approach.

Find a blogger that you’d like to befriend.

Most people have favorite blogs, and favorite bloggers. Pick a favorite blogger, someone with similar tastes or a nice, fun personality. Then figure out a way to contact them. By email, or social media.

Talk to them a bit.

Get to know them! Talk about interests, maybe ask them questions, be their friend! Then you can go on and make more friends and have a nice blogger community :D

Me and some other friends have a little group chat where we added all of our blogger friends and then got to know each other. This is a great idea to get everyone connected and together!


But.. why are blogger friends that important?

First of all, they’re great company. You always have someone to talk to in the blogging community!
Second of all, you can always go to them for advice. Especially if they’re experienced bloggers, this can often be very helpful when you’re starting!
Third, you can ask them to help you get your blog out there. DO NOT MAKE BLOGGER FRIENDS JUST FOR THIS REASON! That’s like using your friend, and that’s not friendship!

You can always count on them, and it’s nice to have someone to help, and you can give them advice too!

Well. Who can I go to first?

Don’t worry if you have no clue. You can come to us! I know I’m always looking for a friend, and I’m sure Rukiya is too :D Just email me, talk to me via Google+, or anything like that. My heart is always open for questions and just friendship <3 span="">

That’s all I got today, onto you guys :)