Saturday, 5 March 2016

Blogger Apprentice // Task 3

Hai guys, 

Task 3~ Making Blogger Friends~ Pt 1 

Everyone wants to be blogger friends, well maybe not everyone, but everyone wants to know friendly bloggers! However, it's not always that easy to do so, I mean it's online! 

A lot of people want to be friends with a blogger, but in their email/comment or however they're communicating, they struggle with words to say it.

And it's okay, because there are right ways to do it!

So, which way would you communicate to tell a blogger that you'd like to be friends!?

A) Email/comment ~ Hey, I'm ___, I blog at ______ and was wondering if...{Insert task}

B) Email/comment ~ Hi I'm ___ and I blog at ____ would really like to be..{Insert task}

C) Email/ comment ~ Hi I'm ___, I blog at _____ what's up? {Insert task}

Task 3~ Making Blogger Friends ~ Pt 2

After your email OR comment, the blogger replies with a kind message, willing to be blogger friends with you. So...How do you start this out?

A) What are you posting about today? Any plans for posts in the future? {Insert task}

B) Cool! I'm new to blogging, so I think it would be cool to make friends. I actually have another question for you...When did you... {Insert task}

C) Yay! This is pretty cool, do you... {Insert task}

NOTE* Your task is to not only pick 'A)' 'B)' or 'C)', but also add some more to it. That's why I put '{Insert task}.'

In the email for your task, try to set it out as neat as possible, I'm always in the mood for those ;)

Good luck!



Hello bloggers! Noor back again with another little article for you all :D A common question that I, and a lot of people get asked by others is: How do I make blogger friends?

Blogger friends are important, they’re great to have and they can also help you in tons of ways! It’s quite easy to make blogger friends, as long as you’re kind and have a good approach.

Find a blogger that you’d like to befriend.

Most people have favorite blogs, and favorite bloggers. Pick a favorite blogger, someone with similar tastes or a nice, fun personality. Then figure out a way to contact them. By email, or social media.

Talk to them a bit.

Get to know them! Talk about interests, maybe ask them questions, be their friend! Then you can go on and make more friends and have a nice blogger community :D

Me and some other friends have a little group chat where we added all of our blogger friends and then got to know each other. This is a great idea to get everyone connected and together!


But.. why are blogger friends that important?

First of all, they’re great company. You always have someone to talk to in the blogging community!
Second of all, you can always go to them for advice. Especially if they’re experienced bloggers, this can often be very helpful when you’re starting!
Third, you can ask them to help you get your blog out there. DO NOT MAKE BLOGGER FRIENDS JUST FOR THIS REASON! That’s like using your friend, and that’s not friendship!

You can always count on them, and it’s nice to have someone to help, and you can give them advice too!

Well. Who can I go to first?

Don’t worry if you have no clue. You can come to us! I know I’m always looking for a friend, and I’m sure Rukiya is too :D Just email me, talk to me via Google+, or anything like that. My heart is always open for questions and just friendship <3 span="">

That’s all I got today, onto you guys :)


  1. Lol, cool post. Imagine you ask someone to be friends, and they just say "no." What would you do then? No, you may think I'm being sarcastic, but seriously, I'm really asking this question. I'm so weird, lol.

    💗 Selena Gomez is my favorite! 💗

    1. Thanks. If they say no, then just simply reply with, 'Okay that's completely fine.'

      There's not much to say, and you don't want them to think that you're sad about it with something like, 'Oh...Okay, that's fine.' Not in a rude way, but just give them that arkwardness back that they gave to you in their message by saying it's completely fine anyway.

      ~ Rukiya

  2. That's all very nice but if for example, someone does say "Sure, let's be friends" then what? More than giving a format, it would be more helpful to talk about common topics that all bloggers enjoy discussing that can help so that readers know what kind of questions or things to talk about. In my opinion, every one is great when it comes to greetings and asking to be friends, but it is extremely rare to find someone who will actually try to be friends by replying regularly. I've come across several bloggers who sound very enthusiastic in their emails and then stop replying, either due to lack of topics to discuss or because they weren't very serious with being friends in the first place.

    Have a nice day ^^

    1. Hi Catalina, I give the format and Noor gives the detail..Noor is here to give you that information about how to nail this task. It's not really my part to get into detail in the post, however, I will critique a task done. Online just isn't different to face-to-face. With bloggers online, you can't necessarily expect the friendship you want. I talk to bloggers, and how your friendship survives usually relies on how much you post, and how dedicated you are to blogging. If you want, I can shoot you an email about this, more than happy to ;)

      ~ Rukiya

  3. Hey Rukiya, I was wondering how you put those pictures and your bio on the side of your blog. I don't know how to do it, and was wondering if you can tell me how.

    If you can help me, you know where to find me! :)

    1. Hi Sophia,

      To make things easier for both of us, you might just wanna add me as a admin on your blog. Just send me an invitation when you're ready, but if you don't want to, that's fine.

    2. Would you think I'm weird if I said Idk what an admin is? I'll try though

    3. Actually I think I got it. Invite author, right?