Monday, 25 April 2016

The Pros & Cons Of Living In A Flat

Hello everyone! I'M BACK AND I'M 13! YAYY.
This is kinda private...But yes I do live in a flat and not a house, it's tall and white and yeah...Quite a few people live in it. 

So today I will be talking about the Pros and Cons of living in a flat, as it is nice too..But there are some disadvantages..


I mean it's cool to have lots of people living around you, you don't really have to talk to them if you don't want to...It's just...Cool. XD

Even though you might not know the person in the lift, it's still awesome right? 

*NOTE* This GIF is highly exaggerated to the subject, but I thought it was...Well I didn't think it was anything..I just wanted it to be in my post XD.

Just that moment when you're going into your opposite houses, it's very awkward but at the same time seems cool.
So..Your house is there and mines is here..See ya.

Everyone lives on a certain floor, and floors don't always look the same. For instance, Floor 5 might be the damaged floor, whereas Floor 9 might look as posh as ever! 

5...4....3, 2, 1!

You don't have to get properly dressed..All you gotta do is go in the lift or walk up the stairs!


Yeah. It's kinda annoying when you're doing something when you hear...THUMP THUMP THUMP! Like what the heck? Are there elephants are there? 

I HATE YOU REGINA GEORGE. Great actress..I don't know her name but yeah XD Anyway.


Oh you know what I'll tell you guys...Once there was a REALLY strong 'poo smell'.



FLUT FLUT FLUTTER FLUTTER on your balcony. I'm sorry...But they're filthy!


And that's pretty much it guys! Thanks for reading, byee xx

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Zootropolis Review By Me

Hey everyone! Sorry...I haven't posted in a while. I'ts my birthday next week on Wednesday! 
Today was a cool day, I got my hair straightened at my mum's friend's salon, and went for a cool, free ballet class in the evening.

Over in the Easter holidays I went with my friend and this little girl to the cinema to watch 'ZOOTROPOLIS' *note* I did not actually pick the film.

Ever since a little girl, the little bunny Judy wanted to be a police woman. Her parents were never really sure about this, considering a bunny had never been one before, and a bunny wanting to be a police woman would be laughed and doubted at by others. In fact, her parents rather she'd sell carrots for a living...That's fun. 

In no time, Judy is on her way to the big city 'Zootropolis' to be a police woman..The only thing is...her boss gave her the 'ticket woman' job. Meeting a fox just about changed her life forever, and there comes the case. It is Judy's responsibility to find a woman's missing husband..The only problem is, her mean boss gave her 48 hours to solve it. Her and the fox
 (Nick) go on a massive adventure, and find themselves being in situations they didn't expect. 

It turns out that quite a few predators, just so happen to be going savage (fierce, violent, uncontrollable), the fact that animals hadn't been savage for a very long time, surprised Judy and Nick. The husband had gone savage, but people were hiding all those people away. Nick and Judy defeat the people and solve the case.

But no. That really is just the beginning of the end and the beginning. After solving the case, Judy finds herself in an uncomfortable position having to answer questions to the paparazzi. She says that predators are going back to their 'savage ways' and that it is a biological matter. Considering Nick is a predator, this sincerely hurt him.
 "Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that I'll go 'savage'?". 
Whilst confronting her angrily and in her face, Judy slightly touches the 'Fox Spray' her parents gave her for protection...And their friendship is over. After this the media is going crazy. Preys were afraid of predators. Predators were loosing their jobs, and were treated like monsters. 

Judy gives up. She sends herself back home and sells carrots for a living, just like her parents wanted her too. Like I said before, this is great. I mean, who doesn't want to sell carrots for a living?? Random blabbering from her parents caused her to find out why animals were actually going savage...Night howler flowers.

ZOOM. She's back in 'Zootropolis'. She apologies to Nick.
Something that Judy started, was something that she gladly finished before it got any worse. 


This film is great because it can relate to the 'western world' today. All the 'ISIS attacks. The Donald Trump. And all those terrible things you hear about on the news..

As humans we mustn't be afraid, as overall, we are all one. 


Hope you enjoyed my review! Be sure to watch the trailer and possibly see it at the cinema, have a great day!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Well Done, Phone.

Hey everyone! 

I'm back with an awesome photography post, enjoy.


Here is my mum's friend's daughter. I wasn't allowed to take pictures with her face, so I took them from the side and back :)

These photos are taken by my mum's iPhone 6s, thanks!

Which one is your favourite?

~ Rukiya

Monday, 4 April 2016

Why I Don't Do DIYs, But Am Gonna Keep Trying

Hey guys! It's been three days..XD.
Anyway, today I will be talking about why I don't do DIYs that much, but will always keep on trying. ALWAYS. 

DIYs I never find easy to do, it takes up a lot of time, which is never worth because it never turns out right. Believe me, I am good at making things...But if I'm teaching other people how to make it...It wouldn't exactly be appealing. This is because the things I make...Sorry to say...But pretty much for me, myself and I. SOLO RIDE UNTIL I DIE, COZ I GOT ME FOR LIFE. Okay back to the subject. If I'm gonna make something, it's gonna be pretty creative...And sometimes creative just means that it's not something for everything else.

So you're trying to copy a tutorial online. It doesn't work out. You try to make something your self, and it does not work out. Unless you're a very neat person, your DIYs may not necessarily work out the way you want them to. 

DIYs are also quite annoying to make. You want your pictures to look appealing. You want the steps to be clear. And overall, you just want the DIY to be something that people would actually do. Every single step of creativity, I find myself taking picture after picture. Yes, I know that it's not exactly normal to be that crazy about the steps...But it just doesn't suit me to be honest...

Copying tutorials online are just...Really...Not...My...Thing. In fact, it never has been. I've never really been able to copy a DIY, in fact, all I've been able to copy is a drawing, which is always made into my own little style.

I love being creative, just not to the point where I'm having to show everyone how to make my work.


I'm always gonna keep trying because at the same time I still actually enjoy making DIY tutorials, hopefully one day I'll learn to be more 'neat' and careful. Because some things...I REALLY could not care about less about (that's not DIYs). I love to teach..XD. 

I've tried to make DIYs, but they did not go well. So when I do publish a DIY, hopefully it won't be average. IT WILL BE EXCELLENT. Am I too hard on myself?

I found this GIF, and I think it's definitely true. I always try my best in DIYs ;)

Thank you for reading my post guys, 
My birthday is on 20th April, and I'm hoping to do something exciting for it on my blog :)

See ya!

~ Rukiya 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Fruits I Do Love

Hey guys! This week has been pretty busy, but I'm back with another post with brilliant photography of fruits.

I like this picture because it simply reminds me of a fresh, delicious market with good fruits.

Blackberries and rasberries. The quality isn't that good, but somehow it still works.

Ahh, when I see this photo it makes me eager for that juicy fruit called a kiwi..Not the best picture though, I feel like it's too zoomed in. 

Now this picture just simply and wonderfully shows lovely fruits..However, the strawberries look kinda weird to me.

Cherries, cherries, cherries. This fruit is definitely one of my favourites, they literally look like hearts!

What are your favourite fruits?
Do you like fruits?
What are your opinions on this photography?

Thanks for reading guys, hope you liked my post!

See ya!

~ Rukiya