Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Guest Post: Spark and Firework

Hi guys! I'm back with a guest post from Spark and Firework the two sisters, they blog at 
So make sure to check it out!


hi guys! my name's spark AND MY NAME'S FIREWORK! ok guys, excuse that.... my sister (who is obviously firework) gets a bit excited when we're doing stuff with new people involved...... xD. anyway, we're going to introduce ourselves so you guys can get to know us better. ;) so yeah. 

Spark (me)
so... um... hi? *laughs nervously* so, my name's spark (my online name, my real name is elaina.), and i am here to tell you about myself with my twin sister, firework! (her real name is elizabeth. i thought you guys might want to know that.) alright, so about me...

i am a completely band-obsessed twelve year old, though my favorite band has to be sleeping with sirens. i love meatloaf, and am a complete and utter waste in the blogging world. xD my life revolves around music, and i play the acoustic guitar at home and the violin in my middle school's orchestra. i have a very large vinyl/CD collection, and am about to add another vinyl to my 40-something vinyls. normally i can just be found in a dark corner screaming, "KICK KICK KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN!" (a line from my favorite song.) while my sister tends to find me and (lightly) kicks me lol. 

and that's me for ya, folks. now here is my sister.... 

 Firework (my sister)

*crazy gangster mode* Yo, wassup peeps! *normal mode* So, excuse that, I do that a lot when I'm around new people (which is why I sadly have two friends.). Anyway, my name's Firework (or Elizabeth, if you want to be specific.), and now here is a bit about my very awkward self. :)

I don't really listen to much music, unlike my twin, but if I had to choose, my favorite artist is Meghan Trainor. Anyway, I am a geek.... and proud. xD I play softball and actually have been since I was three. I also have a crush on 5 Seconds Of Summer's Ashton..... *sighs dreamily*. Normally I live on the other side of the world in my mind, a world where I can just study in peace without Spark coming into my room singing, "REMEMBER MEEEEE FOR CENTURIES!!!" and making me almost choke on whatever I'm eating then. (last time it was a piece of pizza lol.) I also, when I'm randomly babbling on about stuff and people look like they're listening when in reality they aren't, I'll scream "NAAAAGYH" (idk why.) 

So, that's it. See ya around, and don't forget to follow our corner of the Internet. gee, firework, you sound like an ending of a danisnotonfire video. I DO NOT! um... yeah you do. *laughs* *kicks sister in the shin* ouch... what did you do that for??!! 


  1. This is very funny (in a good way of course)! You guys are awesome!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. I found a new awesome blog! Yay tysm rukiya!

    A Joyful Corner

    1. XD you should say thank you to them as well! No problem ;)

      ~ Rukiya