Monday, 9 May 2016

Guest Post: The Violet Blogger

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for not posting lately, I'm running out of ideas, but gladly they're coming back. Expect a post this week! If that doesn't happen, my apologies! There will also be a contest happening this month, can't wait to reveal it :)


Hi there! I’m The Violet Blogger! ( I’m so excited to write this post

for Rukiya’s fantastic blog!

Sometimes it can be hard to get ideas for blogging, and every blogger has gone through that situation.

Here is my advice for when you have Blogger’s Block, and have no idea what to blog about.

1. Read Other Blogs- This can be a great way to get fresh ideas and also a make a couple of friends.

Read other people’s blog posts to spark your creativity or even write a post related to that.

2. Write About Previous Posts- You can make a list of your most popular posts, or maybe even a

continuation to an older post. This can be helpful when you are running out of ideas.

3. Go Outside- Take a walk, or do anything that gives you a little fresh air. Being stuck at home all

day in front a computer screen is not usually very productive, so go outside and you’ll probably

be inspired. Observe other people or things happening around you, which can also give you


4. Pictures and Videos- A picture is worth a thousand words. Post a picture on your blog and write

about it, or look at pictures that can give you good ideas. Or even surf trough youtube and find

something interesting to share with your readers.

5. Take a Blogging Break- Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you absolutely cannot write

with a good blog post. If this happens, take a break from blogging. There is no point in blogging

if your content is not good.

I hope this helped you with blog ideas. If it didn’t, just write a list like this. 

Awesome tips The Violet Blogger! Make sure to check out her blog guys. 

See ya.

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