Thursday, 12 May 2016

My Reaction To: Little Girls Roasting RiceGum #4

Hey guys! So today I will simply be reacting to a popular video. 

If you don't know who RiceGum is...Check his YouTube channel out!

 Although I'm not necessarily a fan of his, I still recommend his channel.

 RiceGum has recently been getting 'roasted' by famous people on (musers) such as Jacob Sartorius, Loren Beech, Baby Ariel, TheyLoveArri and more.  The reason he got 'roasted' by them was because of a video he made called 'THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED'. In this video RiceGum went on and on about how inappropriate some of the kids were, and how 'inappropriate' the songs were for them being young. To be honest, I could understand why they got mad, because he surely didn't say some nice things. I know I don't know them, but what I do know is that they used to have average lives, and all of a sudden they became famous, so it's not that easy to be in their position.  Since these people are 'famous', their fans are pretty annoyed at him, well in fact, they hate him.

WARNING: This video does contain some inappropriate language. 
But honestly...You can get through it, overall they're just kids.

-- 1st --

What I don't understand is why she's getting so worked up about it. And another thing I don't get is why she's gotta swear so much. Little girl, you're..8,9,10, or 161? Relax your mind and quit getting furious about a YouTuber. Jesus Christ, some fans are just crazy. 
Also, who told her it was okay to say the n-word? For goodness sake, even I don't say the n-word and I'm black. I don't think anyone should say the n-word, it was used in slavery (the masters called the slaves the n-word) which was QUITE a while ago. But then again, black people still say it, and people of different ethnicity's KNOW they shouldn't be saying it, so who does this child thinks she is?

-- 2nd --

I'm sorry. But this girl looks 5,6,7,8,9 or maybe even 10? She is way to immature to be making YouTube videos, and I'm pretty sure she's 6...
Again, calm down little girl. You're getting mad at someone who's done nothing at you. The way she's angrily, fully opening her eyes freaks me out...Like chill.

I have to admit...This made me laugh SO much.

-- 3rd --

And another girl says the n-word! 

"Eughhghi I just said that on camera"

Is she racist or what? I guess she says it off camera :-/

-- 4th --

"You never match your outfits like they're TOTALLY off-base"


-- 5th --

Hahaha, I have nothing to say.

-- 6th --

"Your just mad that Jacob's 13 and has more fame than you"

XD someone's stupid. 

"And guess what YouTube's not a job, there's something productive

And is? Where do I start? And it's not productive? Okay I'm done. 

-- 7th --

Someone please get her some tissues, what the flip? She isn't talking any sense? Do her parents even know she's making YouTube videos?

That's it for today guys! I think I'll be doing a series of 'reactions' this week, they're pretty fun to do!



  1. Wow, some of them were like 8 omg and the swearing.. great post rukiya!

  2. Oh my goodness... I watched it and it's... umm... pretty over the top, hey? I'm starting to feel kinda sorry for the RiceGum dude...
    -Elsa :)

    1. DO MORE REACTION POSTSSS! I beg you hehe ;]