Sunday, 26 June 2016

Looks I Hope To Try

Hello everyone! Today will be a fashion sort of post...So lets-a- go.


(Not me and not mine)

Obviously I'll need extensions for this style to make my hair look thicker (because it is not thick at all), and yeah..I'm really excited. 

And Now The Outfit..

Again, I'll have to get extensions because my hair doesn't flop down like this. But the curl pattern is almost the same..Mine is just S's, not spirals like the picture above. It's just..It's just a big fat poof! Anyway..XD

The Outfit..

And a..


So who likes ma style?

A message from Lexie: 
Hey guys! Just a little comment promoting (sorry Rukiya, love ya!). But I'm hoping to get Book Reviewer so remember me when voting for that!

JUST KIDDING! Obvs vote who you want :P but thanks so much to those who vote me anyway!!!


Monday, 20 June 2016

Blogger Choice Awards 2016

Hello everyone!
Yes, it's time to start BCA.

what IS the Blogger Choice Awards??
The BCA is a contest in which you simply vote bloggers for certain categories. 
For example - I vote Alison from for Best Choice Writer.

how do I vote?

You vote in the comments, which will be put in moderation (i'll see them before they get published) so that it won't ruin who votes for who. 

how long do we have to vote?

You have 20 days, starting from RIGHT NOW, to vote. The award ceremony will be on July 10th! 

what are the categories?

Best Choice Writer
Best Choice Fashion Blogger
Best Choice Book Reviewer
Best Choice Photographer
Best Choice Original Content
Best Choice Newbie Blogger
Best Choice Thoughtful Blogger
Best Choice Blog Designer
Best Choice DIYer
Best Choice Entertaining Blogger

can I vote for more than one person in each category?
The answer for that is no. 1 person for each category please. 

can I vote for the SAME person more than once in a category?
Nope. You can only vote for someone ONCE.

will YOU be voting?
Why wouldn't I be? xD

Don't get it? Please ask me questions below in the comments if so. Good luck everyone!


see ya.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Three Major Disadvantages Of Being Young And Skinny

Hello everyone! So I'm quite skinny..Sadly, but not anorexic! Today I'll be sharing with you the disadvantages of being skinny, as it sucks..

No Matter How Much You Eat You CANNOT 

Let me get this straight..I EAT ALL THE FRICKIN TIME! My portions are doubled and everything..But somehow, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!! And it SERIOUSLY SUCKS, because everyone else is usually average size and you just look like a stick. I must say, this GIF is hilarious! I swear he was about to destroy all the instruments...

Long Sleeves 

When your long sleeve top looks puffy because you're arms aren't average size, it's really frustrating because you constantly have to keep pulling it up to your elbow. IT FRICKIN SUCKS!


Small booba

Small bos

Boobs That Don't Grow Quick

I'm waiting.

I know mines will get bigger soon..But seriously, hurry up! Literally everyone has them my age.

These were three disadvantages that really annoy me. What are you guys' opinions? I'm really insecure about my size, I mean..I REFUSE to show my arms. 

That's it for today

See ya!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Everything Wrong With Alison ~ Pretty Little Liars


I recently have just started watching a popular  TV Show called Pretty Little Liars. Even though I haven't been watching it for a long time, I know for fact that she is a COW, and so I'll be listing all the things wrong with her today in this post...Hmm, maybe when I've finished all the seasons there'll be more to add. 

~ She thinks everything evolves around her

~ She destroys people's self-confidence

~ She says mean things for no good reasons

~ She treats her other friends like pets

~ She thinks she makes people amazing, when really she ruins them

~ She acts like she's an adult

~ She hides her nerves, fears and all of those stuff to prove that she's a 'true leader'

~ She believes that without her, no one would be anything

~ She acts like she's in a movie

~ When something doesn't go her way, the whole world just HAS to end (BRAT)

~ She tears others down and acts like absolutely nothing happened

~ She lives in her own world and no one else

~ She manipulates people into thinking that others are bad people, when really she doesn't know the true them

~ She acts like she gives people amazing presents, and if they decline, she strops and grounds like a BRAT

~ She says secrets keep friends close, but she can't even tell them her's

~ She horribly creeps people out every time she talks

~ She lies in order to get what she wants

~ She makes people do bad stuff, once again manipulating 

~ She makes her OWN FRIEND (Hanna) feel bad about her weight. So basically she bullies her own friends

~ She makes people feel disappointed about themselves for no good reason

Overall, Alison is...A little kind, it's just the fact that she's a 'mean girl'



That's it for today guys, sorry for not posting for a full week. 

See ya!