Saturday, 4 June 2016

Everything Wrong With Alison ~ Pretty Little Liars


I recently have just started watching a popular  TV Show called Pretty Little Liars. Even though I haven't been watching it for a long time, I know for fact that she is a COW, and so I'll be listing all the things wrong with her today in this post...Hmm, maybe when I've finished all the seasons there'll be more to add. 

~ She thinks everything evolves around her

~ She destroys people's self-confidence

~ She says mean things for no good reasons

~ She treats her other friends like pets

~ She thinks she makes people amazing, when really she ruins them

~ She acts like she's an adult

~ She hides her nerves, fears and all of those stuff to prove that she's a 'true leader'

~ She believes that without her, no one would be anything

~ She acts like she's in a movie

~ When something doesn't go her way, the whole world just HAS to end (BRAT)

~ She tears others down and acts like absolutely nothing happened

~ She lives in her own world and no one else

~ She manipulates people into thinking that others are bad people, when really she doesn't know the true them

~ She acts like she gives people amazing presents, and if they decline, she strops and grounds like a BRAT

~ She says secrets keep friends close, but she can't even tell them her's

~ She horribly creeps people out every time she talks

~ She lies in order to get what she wants

~ She makes people do bad stuff, once again manipulating 

~ She makes her OWN FRIEND (Hanna) feel bad about her weight. So basically she bullies her own friends

~ She makes people feel disappointed about themselves for no good reason

Overall, Alison is...A little kind, it's just the fact that she's a 'mean girl'



That's it for today guys, sorry for not posting for a full week. 

See ya!


  1. I'm on Season 4! And gosh, she's awful in so many ways ... Sasha Pieterse portrays her perfectly, but I can't stand how Alison lies and cheats and steals and expects everyone to like her. She holds everyone's secrets against them, and I'm glad I don't personally know anyone like that.

    xx Sneha

    1. But the show's great, isn't it? You'll constantly be on the edge of your seat, because everything you thought you knew for a fact will be challenged. Unless you already know who she/he/other is, you'll be shocked to find out who A is at the end of Season 2 ;)

  2. Hahaha unfortunately I think I already know who one of the A's are, thank you for the comment! It'd be a hard life knowing someone like her...