Saturday, 11 June 2016

Three Major Disadvantages Of Being Young And Skinny

Hello everyone! So I'm quite skinny..Sadly, but not anorexic! Today I'll be sharing with you the disadvantages of being skinny, as it sucks..

No Matter How Much You Eat You CANNOT 

Let me get this straight..I EAT ALL THE FRICKIN TIME! My portions are doubled and everything..But somehow, NOTHING HAPPENS!!!! And it SERIOUSLY SUCKS, because everyone else is usually average size and you just look like a stick. I must say, this GIF is hilarious! I swear he was about to destroy all the instruments...

Long Sleeves 

When your long sleeve top looks puffy because you're arms aren't average size, it's really frustrating because you constantly have to keep pulling it up to your elbow. IT FRICKIN SUCKS!


Small booba

Small bos

Boobs That Don't Grow Quick

I'm waiting.

I know mines will get bigger soon..But seriously, hurry up! Literally everyone has them my age.

These were three disadvantages that really annoy me. What are you guys' opinions? I'm really insecure about my size, I mean..I REFUSE to show my arms. 

That's it for today

See ya!


  1. What the?....Girl I wish I was in your shoes. I mean I'm not skinny, but not fat or chubby either. I think I need to get toned or something but boy I wish I was in your shoes.
    My probs for me are; I don't have much of a thigh gap, or a toned belly. And I don't like my boob size much either (I've never wanted big ones though'cause mine even at their size are getting in the way). for some reason I'm kinda that tomboy that DIDN'T want puberty.
    But I don't wanna be fat, nor do I want to be super super SUPER anorexic skinny. Kinda just in the middle yet more on the skinny side. Know what I mean?
    But I'm working out at my friend's gym about 2 or 3 times a week, so that should help. And I love fitness and health.
    Seriously though don't worry, if you're about 13 or so you should be able to fill in.
    Sorry for the long comment :) Hope things work out :D

    1. Sorry for the long comment? Thank you for the long comment! I love reading long comments ;) Yeah I'm kinda a tomboy two, and I know what you mean about in the middle but yet on the skinny side, that's how I wanna be too :) I really don't mind puberty at all, it's just the mood swings that I don't really like.

  2. Don't worry I'm pretty sure you'll fill out soon! I used to be quite skinny and fit but recently I have been filling out a bit more. I have been exercising to keep on top of it. Be happy with your body and focus on the positives! :)

  3. I absolutely understand how you're feeling haha! I eat so much but I never gain any weight! But regardless, I'm sure your body is fine :) either way, you'll still look beautiful!

  4. I understand the struggle about having arms that are too skinny! Also, don't complain if you don't have a huge, um, bosom-- it's not great if it's super huge, either. Enjoy the smallness while you can!

    xoxo Morning
    The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life