Monday, 8 May 2017

#7DaysOfWILL - 5 Weird Things About Me

Hi, back for another post. 

I've decided I'm going to try the #7DaysOfWILL project that Lexie who blogs at
What Lexie Loves came up with us bloggers to do. I'm definitely determined to try it out, so take a look at it if you haven't already!

7DaysOfWILL is a project in which you post 7 times in a row, the project starts on the 8th of May..Which is today. 

#1 i'm a meme

I've been told by several people I'm a meme. My facial expressions make people laugh, idk. 

#2 i love to imitate bitches in movies

Idk. It's just their personalities that crack me up. I mean have you watched this scene in the Bratz movie? This girl is damn insane...Talking about how fabulous she is and how superior she is. "It's me...On an elephant. Ugh! It's me time now.."


I see lemon. Mi eat it. Is sour, but who flippin cares?? 

#4 i love acting crazy

Every once in a while you've got to shake it off and do your weird chicken/twerking thing right? You know..Break your back a few times? I'm just immature.   

No offence to Raven because that's not what she's doing. WORK IT GURL

#5 i'm scared of flies..In fact every insect tbh

When I see a fly you're gonna get pissed at me, because I have a panic attack and can't help myself but look for it. After it's reportedly 'gone' I still rub my skin and look around. 

So that's it, the end of the post. 

See ya


  1. MMMMMMMEEEE. TOOOO. I love eating Lemons, with a little sugar or sometimes lime and salt. Ah it's a treat. my teeth hate me for it but i can't help it.

  2. I cannot eat lemons for the life of me. My friends love them, but every time I try to to on a dare I just pucker. HOW????

    1. Yeah they are quite sour aren't they?? Thanks for commenting! :-)

  3. I used to like lemons too, but now I can't stand them, I don't even like lemonade! And I'm super phobic of wasps and bees, so I know how you feel :)

    1. Yeah I'm super phobic of insects, especially ones like that. Thanks for commenting! :-)