Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pinterest, GCSE, Updates and Current Fav Songs

Hey guys!!!!!

It's Rukiya here 

A little bit of an update

I haven't posted since the 8th of May...Just over 2 months. For some reason I think of blogging all the time, but never actually get to it. But what I can say for sure is that the Instagram app has distracted me. 

But, see I haven't just been on Instagram, over these 2 months I've gotten more and more into drawing, eyebrows...eyes..face. I just LOVE drawing people or making up my own. I'll be sure to make a post about this all, but for now my goal is to continue to make a lot more pieces of artwork and find the right time to do so. Might as well share when I have something 'poppin' to share...You know?

Science. Science.

oh..It's science...
I need to work on science 

*gets back into depressing mode..Slouches back..Oops..I heard a crack. Rolls eyes and continues the post*  ( I made this all up babes ) 

Some things I understand and I find interesting ; DNA and The Menstrual Cycle. Ionic bonding clicks to me too.

I need to learn to concentrate and try my hardest even if not feeling that comfortable in a classroom. I'm trying to work on revision for science.

My GCSE options are in! For anyone who doesn't live in the UK, GCSE'S are basically the huge deal in secondary school (11 year olds to 16 year olds). They are BIG tests which basically have a HUGE impact on our future; CV, job etc. I'm currently in Year 9 (13 to 14 year olds), next year I will be doing my mock exams (not that actual exams, but important important preparation for the BIG TESTS I told you about). 

I will be taking 
Art - 
All I have to do is make an effort and actually do exactly what I was told to make. That's difficult for me... basically I'm an idiot

I'm looking forward to taking Geography, as long as I focus, everything will be fine

Media - 
Social media, the film industry, the magazine industry..Kinda things like that. Definitely looking forward to it!

I LOVE DANCING. I have to start showing off and being more brave in what I do, how they gonna know you have talent if you don't show it? Next year (Year 10) I'm planning to be a lot more confident and if you keep saying it will happen then it would :-) 

Sociology - 
Crime, Injustice..A lot of things that interest me. I'm more than excited for this!

Wish me luck on my GCSE'S, 

When are you starting yours? 
Do you enjoy Science? 

Update pt2 - 2 Youtubers I'm Lovin' 

Patricia Bright

 It's honestly so sweet to see such a SUCCESSFUL youtuber from the UK. Patricia is entertaining, crazy, lit, entertaining, lit. Did I already say that? Definitely someone you need to watch on YouTube boos

Love Halssa

Also found out about Halssa's youtube channel recently, what can I say....I love the vibes, personality and content

Subscribe to Miss Clariyah
she's such a beautiful person man

Current Favourite Songs❣️ 


Wild wild wild thoughts ๐ŸŽถ 

Regret in your tears now you taste em', coz you know I don't chase I replace em' ๐ŸŽถ   

I am so fly like Aladdin ๐ŸŽถ 

You say that you don't love me....You say that you don't trust me well..I find that funny...๐ŸŽถ 

Kehlani's voice is everything ๐ŸŽถ❤️

..And Chris Brown's voice is bae ๐ŸŽถ



How. Can. Palm. Trees. Be. So. Amazing. 

My Pinterest reflects me, if you have no interest whatsoever in my Pinterest. Then it's cool. We just don't have as much in common

Honestly, Pinterest has so much cool things to save. I've been writing a post about 
"how-you-can-never-get-over-it", which I hope to publish soon. I feel as if I wouldn't of found proper inspiration if I hadn't made a Pinterest account, I mean you can't find all these cool stuff on google images. So I guess what I'm trying to say is a big tHaNk YoU to the people who recommended it ❤️

Do you have a Pinterest account?
What are your favourite songs lately? 
What Youtubers would you recommend? 

How's life?
tell me in the comments



  1. The courses you're taking seem so interesting! Especial sociology :-)

    1. Thank you so much Jolly! Yeah it does doesn't it :-)

  2. You are back! All of the courses that you are taking sound so cool. Like I am kind of jealous. Haha. Awesome post. :)

    1. Thanks Nabila :-) Don't worry, you'll take cool courses too

  3. I LOVE sciences. Do you know what comes along with science? Science jokes. I have a strong force of attraction towards those too.

    You're taking a great array of subjects!


    1. That's really good that you like science! Good luck and thanks :-)

  4. Good luck with your GCSEs! I'm taking mine next year (eek) though I've already taken two of them a year early.(I'm simultaneously super eager and terrified to see my results in August.)
    I'm not very keen on science myself (which is ironic as both my parents are scientists) but I like biology, especially DNA and genetics! I find it really interesting.


  5. All the best for your GCSEs! I took them two years ago and it was a really tough period in my life. This will definitely be a trying time, but the important thing to remember that it's just a milestone - don't let it define your life. Try your best so that no matter what happens at least you know you put in your 100%, and you won't have any regrets. Also it's awesome that you're aware that you need to spend more time on revising subjects you aren't strong at - I would say to use the things you find interesting in them to keep you motivated. Also just wanted to drop a thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, your advice was very helpful & inspiring! :)